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  1. Mac pro setup
  2. Massive Scores
  3. Computer specs and thoughts...
  4. 2013 8 Core Mac Pro Logic Benchmark Results
  5. It is time for a new audio interface, opinions needed.
  6. New Lacie RAID available
  7. How to launch Desert Winds in Logic Pro 8?
  8. Sata 2 SSD vs Sata 3 SSD - performance benefits?
  9. How to upgrade computer RAM?
  10. Upgrading Macbook pro for travel
  11. 1x64 gb pc slave or 2x32 gb pc slaves?
  12. OS X 10.9.2 Mega RAM Use...
  13. PLAY 4 with MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo/Logic x
  14. What system?
  15. From the Ground Up
  16. Hollywood Strings on a second drive
  17. Separate Drives? or Fast and larger drives?
  18. Routing all hardware up - how?!
  19. Internal vs. external?
  20. Raid 5 or Raid 0 with 4 SSD's?
  21. So, what is a "slave" pc used for exactly?
  22. What is the best PC configuration for CCC2?
  23. New RAM upgrades for Mac Pro
  24. Quality Of Memory?
  25. Which Would You Buy - iMac or Mac Pro?
  26. RAM vs. streaming and sample rates
  27. Review of Thunderbolt Docks
  28. Thunderbolt to USB 3 adaptor - cast your vote
  29. Internet or No?
  30. Would a 128GB SSD System Drive Suffice?
  31. Am I going overboard? (PCPartPicker list inside for easy reference...)
  32. Turning new Mac Pro into old Mac Pro
  33. New Thunderbolt Drive
  34. Interesting Experiment
  35. Will my sound card (E-MU 0404 PCIe) work?
  36. Will my Mini run HS and HB Gold ok?
  37. Mac Pro drops in price - sort of
  38. Opinions on External Drive
  39. Power Supply Question
  40. iMac with no SSD+CCC2. Will this work?
  41. Does my Audio Interface Matter?
  42. Bus-powered drives
  43. Intel comparisons
  44. Moved samples to new SSD drive...Play keeps on asking for directory tho?
  45. Thunderbolt networking
  46. CCC2 Pro... Can my computer handle it?
  47. New Thunderbolt drive for Mac
  48. hard drive configuration
  49. Need recommendation of third party ram for i-mac
  50. External SSD with HS Diamond
  51. Macbook Pro Retina - PT 11?
  52. Temporary SSD solution
  53. Setting Crossover for Sub
  54. Partial updates.
  55. Building a new PC... ?
  56. Upgrade recommendations ?
  57. Slight improvement
  58. New Computer Arriving Soon
  59. Logic X and VEP5
  60. Solid State Breakdown suggestions wanted
  61. Angelbird SSD
  62. RAM vs SSD
  63. CPU keeps maxing out. What should I do?
  64. New EW user, hardware questions
  65. Now The Fun Begins
  66. can I use hollywood strings and brass on an external drive
  67. Is my Mbox 3 mini that bad with Mac? HELP
  68. Internal CCC1 hard drive dead, and no back up...
  69. Advice for purchasing MIDI keyboard
  70. ccc2 pro hardware question
  71. Upgrading My Rig; Audio Interface Questions
  72. new iMacs coming?
  73. To admin, or someone who may know
  74. New Mac Pro and ProjectMix Firewire IO
  75. New Mac Pro Question HD Question
  76. First (?) RAID that matches the Mac Pro design
  77. Sanity check for new Haswell machine
  78. The new iMac is not a good idea for music composition
  79. Thunderbolt-compatible SSD external drives?
  80. Amazon have a sale on SSDs
  81. Terrifying Behavior
  82. Promise pegasus2 r4 for CC2 Pro
  83. Advice for a PC (slave or master). VE pro 5 and lots of PLAY
  84. Gear help composer workstation
  85. Advice: Optimizing a macbook pro set-up
  86. New PC Slave- Disable hibernate? pagefile.sys?
  87. Blackmagic multidock
  88. What's my bottleneck? (latency with Spaces)
  89. Cubase compatability
  90. Mac Master - PC slaves - VEP5 connection problems
  91. Play settings
  92. My experience with my nMP
  93. x99 Haswell-E worth the upgrade?
  94. Help with Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
  95. thunderbolt - eSata adaptor
  96. FL Studio "play_VST_x64.dll" Problem!
  97. Cubase on a Mac: Recommendation for an Audio Interface?
  98. Recommendation for an Audio Interface for Cubase and PLAY on Mac?
  99. New to the MAC scene. RAM issues.
  100. Crackling noise issues (hard drive?)
  101. What Upgrades for Windows Computer
  102. Upgrading to 64gb
  103. What is more important for choosing an upgrade?
  104. Please Help Me
  105. Please Help Me
  106. Kontakt doesn't see exFAT drive
  107. Trying to Understand External TB Docks
  108. Audio Drive and Program Drive
  109. Best Upgrade on a Budget
  110. hollywood strings (gold edition) requirements
  111. how much ram do i need?
  112. Please help me choose a portable drive for my EW libraries
  113. SanDisk Memory-channel DIMM SSDs
  114. Ram or SSD's
  115. Single or Multiple Computer System
  116. A question to all owners of the CCC2 PRO
  117. No HDD for EU CCC2 buyers?
  118. MOTU Track 16 or Focusrite Forte?
  119. What to think of when purchasing an SSD?
  120. Workability
  121. VisionDaw or ADK to build system
  122. For those who really need storage
  123. Questions about monitoring mixes... and buying monitors...
  124. Enhancing performance with SSDs (iMac, Logic Pro X)
  125. Live Theatre Pit Usage
  126. studiologic numa compact, any thoughts
  127. Interface and/or monitor upgrades
  128. Intel Z79 chipset with Thunderbolt 2 header
  129. Setting up storage and backups for my new DAW - feedback needed
  130. Anyone using SSDs in RAID 0?
  131. need to buy a drill
  132. RAM usage still idle after closed session?
  133. New TB2 Lacie drives
  134. Ministry of Rock with Ableton?
  135. Mod Wheel/MIDI Controller suggestions
  136. Sound Card suggestions
  137. Cubase 5.0 on Mac os x Maverix 10.9
  138. Freezing and artefacts, what should I upgrade?
  139. Searching for specific sounds
  140. Cubase crashes
  141. What kind of Ram-Modules do you use?
  142. Refurbished Mac Pros available
  143. Basic rig setup help needed
  144. possible slave
  145. What is the use of a AD/DA converter?
  146. Mac Pro mid 2010 - SSD cards
  147. Questions on Hardware!
  148. Question about WD Black HDD
  149. Solid State prowess
  150. New Macs
  151. CCC for PC can be used in MAC?
  152. New Thunderbolt to USB3 adapter
  153. What to do with an old Mac Pro - furniture!
  154. Need some Mac/PC advice...
  155. MIDI Controller with REAL piano feel suggestions.
  156. Using CCC for Macon a PC
  157. How do I access my entire EW library from 1 Hard Drive?
  158. Splitting libraries across multiple SSDs - worth it?
  159. Dual internal USB adapter for dongles
  160. Space in SSD or Normal HD?
  161. Just bought CCC3Pro...how many use the included drive?
  162. One Computer/no money for slaving yet, tons of questions inside
  163. Recommendation for technical/Ext. drive setup with Retina MBP?
  164. Thunderbolt hub with USB3 connections work?
  165. I want to hear the segment I recorded without hearing the instrument as I play!
  166. Set up play in Ve-Pro on WINDOWS 7?
  167. Dell Inspiration 3000, need to add 2 more internal drives...
  168. Free space on SSD?
  169. Problem Between Midi Controller Behringer BCR2000 And Sonar X3
  170. Sample Libraries in Lacie 2Big Thunderbolt 2 ? No SSD
  171. cheap USB 3.0 UASP alternative to Thunderbolt!
  172. Tight budget for a new EW PC
  173. Audio interfaces and stability
  174. usb 3.0 to thunderbolt..does it work?
  175. Buying a new MIDI keyboard - which one should I get?
  176. OSX Yosemite Install
  177. Samples: External VS Internal drive
  178. Computer using to much RAM?
  179. New Build (budgetish) - opinions please
  180. Samsung 850 Pro w/ Hollywood Series
  181. Buy a new Mac-mini or macbook pro?
  182. For those with Samsung 840 EVO SSD's
  183. Samsung adds 3D NAND to its most affordable SSD
  184. Best studio monitor size for near field
  185. Need Help Identifying System Bottleneck
  186. Maverics and Play
  187. PCIe SSD, less sata bay stress?
  188. What hardware/drivers do I need for Hollywood Strings?
  189. Free space on sample drive
  190. Can't install any Play library
  191. Advice for low budget DAW build
  192. help with computer choice!
  193. Firewire 400 for SO?
  194. SSD loading problems HS + HB
  195. CCC 1 External HDD damaged.
  196. Audio Interfaces, Midi, USB and PCI-e
  197. Problems Connecting Midi Keyboard to Play 4
  198. CPU Overload Issue
  199. Advice for a learning perspective.
  200. OWC Thunderbay 4 RAID...Super Fast HDDs...
  201. New computer build question
  202. Deciding between Hollywood series Gold/Diamond based on my hardware
  203. How many of you use Slave Computers?
  204. Can you please report your SSD loading times?
  205. Advice on a new setup
  206. Firewire 800 users on older imac
  207. Keystation88/East West issues
  208. Yet another "help with my prospective new system"; be kind!
  209. Best external USB 3.0 soundcard for Composers Collection?
  210. Frame rate in Logic Pro
  211. New XLR microphone making "wind" noise during silence...any ideas?
  212. Slave PC problem with VE Pro
  213. New Samsung 500GB (up to 1TB) external SSD
  214. High CPU Levels
  215. Problem with Zoom Tac-2 Thunderbolt Interface
  216. VePro, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, or something else?
  217. Which Mac for EWQL SO?
  218. Macbook Air
  219. Building a super system
  220. VE Pro question
  221. Processors and issues. i7 or i5 ?
  222. Drive will not mount
  224. Will my specs handle CCC 3?
  225. Advice on Upgrading/Replacing my Old Setup (possibly very simple!)
  226. USB3 SSD
  227. Mountain Lion Problem
  228. External Soundcard
  229. New slave Mac time! (Advice wanted)
  230. Question about internal HDD for streaming
  231. Can you install Play software onto an external hard drive?
  232. Hollywood Percussion
  233. VE Pro Slave Machine Sound card Neccesary?
  234. Running this jazz on a Retina laptop
  235. midi Keyboard upgrade help
  236. PLAY Setup
  237. Transcend ESD400
  238. New Mac Pro + Blackmagic Multidock Problem
  239. System and hard drive settings for sample playback
  240. Hard drive configuration
  241. Super fast pci-ssd (430.000 IOPS)
  242. Samsung 850 Pro 1TB versus 850 EVO 1TB
  243. Vienna Mir Pro and reverb approach
  244. I'm ugrading my asus p6t deluxe V2 motherboard?'s
  245. New member question about Velociraptor with Areca 1213-4i SAS Raid
  246. Static IP address
  247. Hard Drive questions
  248. System Requirements for Symphonic Orchestra
  249. Ergonomic mouse
  250. External SSD, USB 3.0?