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  1. Keyswitch options
  2. Clicks and Pops
  3. SATA 3 SSD for HO internal SATA 2 drive bay versus external USB 3.0 enclosure?
  4. Adding a large flat screen monitor
  5. Any experience with Samsung T1 SSD
  6. Which OWC SSD
  7. Composer Cloud and SonarX3
  8. exFAT or HFS+ with new Samsung T1 ssd for Mac
  9. External Harddrive
  10. Recommend avoiding Promise Pegasus systems
  11. Hybrid drives
  12. Soundcard suggestions
  13. Any experience with TB docks?
  14. Trigger Finger Pro
  15. Looking to set up a composers workstation
  16. RAID caution - run diagnostics regularly
  17. Some questions about my Mac specs
  18. WD Blue vs WD Black
  19. Dell PC Network slave info.
  20. Can EastWest/Composer Cloud run on a 5200 RPM HDD?
  21. Separate SSDs or not?
  22. upgrade or buy new mac pro?
  23. how to install EWQLSO on Mac without powerpc
  24. SSD ?
  25. On deck - Thunderbolt 3 - merged with USB 3
  26. Need help with some hardware requirments
  27. Moving libraries from the CCC3 Sound Data HD to internal SSDs?
  28. Question about new apple system and processing vs RAM capacity
  29. Does EWQLSO Platinum require an SSD?
  30. What is an audio interface for?
  31. Symphonic Choir Wordbuilder on Cubase
  32. Breath controllers
  33. Working PC Systems with 128+ GBs RAM
  34. Something wrong with my HS gold?
  35. Samsung RAPID Mode for SSDs
  36. Second 840 EVO performance fix
  37. What should I upgrade?
  38. Sustain pedal feels unatural
  39. Mac to PC master/slave...need help
  40. Video Sync
  41. Dual xeon rig?
  42. MBP SSD Upgrade Question(s)
  43. Adam sub in 5.1 system
  44. External SSD/RAID setup? (multiple drives)
  45. DDR3 vs DDR4
  46. Piano notes cutoff in QL Pianos
  47. Nanoxia Deep Silence cases
  48. Still trying to set up Orchestral Template without pops and crackles :/
  49. Apple adds TRIM support for aftermarket SSDs in OS X 10.10.4
  50. Help! Choosing a Music Mac
  51. CPU load when using 1+ mics?
  52. Pops and clicks question about performance overload
  53. Building a new machine...
  54. X99 Platform for Hollywood Orchestra?
  55. What's everyone's favorite MIDI keyboard?
  56. How do I transfer Play libraries from a Mac hard drive to a PC?
  57. Noob here
  58. Restoring links to new external Hard Drive
  59. Reasonable Sound Cards?
  60. CPU Performance vs. Real-Time Performance in Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
  61. MIDI Controller Question
  62. Question about expanding to slave computers
  63. Reason 7 External MIDI device and virtual midid cable sync to Play
  64. Slave machine vs. many local drives
  65. Master and Slave set up.
  66. Mac Storage
  67. East West Products
  68. Eternal SSD vs 7200RPM Drive
  69. Running Libraries on a USB 3, 7200 rpm External Hard Drive?
  70. building a new rig, intel ssd?
  71. Best DAW configuration for my system
  72. UR22?
  73. Stand Alone Mod Wheels?
  74. Best Audio Interfaces
  75. Risk 48GB or go with slave?
  76. Purchasing an external drive for samples, what's best for my setup?
  77. Need help pinpointing cause of pops and dropped notes
  78. Samsung EVO 850 500gb
  79. Upgrade necessary, help needed
  80. Studio Monitor Speakers
  81. Anybody use PCIe SSD's (Intel 750 series for example)
  82. Ssd best format
  83. Touro USB 3.0 sample drive speed.
  84. 128gb RAM... Overkill?
  85. Sound card issue
  86. SSD RAID 0 worth it?
  87. Switching from Mac to PC
  88. Buying Slave Computer
  89. Slow DAW performance when loading many samples
  90. Where to put my old SO Platinum Plus for occasional use?
  91. Macbook Pro or iMac 5k?
  92. High resolution audio Player- PonoPlayer
  93. Optimizing my Mac for HS.
  94. Optimization: Performance differences between Win and OSX (on same machine)
  95. Which SSD? is 4k read or read more important?
  96. Reverb hardware/ software
  97. AMD Processors
  98. El Capitan
  99. Tell me what hardware to get
  100. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is finally here!
  101. Building a System and Looking for Feedback
  102. My Slave with VE Pro experience
  103. new iMac can take 64GB RAM
  104. SSD for Streaming EWQL Libraries
  105. Formatting SSDs and Allocating Sample Libraries
  106. Play VST in FL Studio 12
  107. How noisy/quiet is new iMac with Retina 5K ?
  108. New DAW-SSD setup for samples for HW Diamond
  109. Min specs for PC slave for VEPRO 5
  110. Mac Pro - 8 core 3.3GHz vs. 12 core 2.7 GHZ
  111. Mod Wheel Effects Without Mod Wheel?
  112. HDD or SSD for recording or rendering audio?
  113. Wordbuilder keyboard shortcuts in VEP5
  114. Ilok question for new PC
  115. 8-core PC--Intel Core at 3.0 ghz (max 64 gb ram) OR Intel Xeon 2.6GHz (max 128gb Ram)
  116. Composer Cloud
  117. Recommended computer upgrade priorities
  118. EW Silk
  119. What size solid state drive for CCCpro4?
  120. Exporting Stems using Digital Performer
  121. tecontrol breath controller in Play engine
  122. SSD 2TB imac 27
  123. Monitor Suggestions for a 12x12 room.
  124. Free System Memory vs. Activity Monitor, and VEP
  125. Anyone using HS with hackintosh?
  126. newbie and a new system what else do Ineed
  127. CPU Usage for certain samples
  128. Toshiba Satellite S55T
  129. Fixing Latency Issues Within a System
  130. Newbie Hardware advice and storage please
  131. Does voices of passions works on windows 10?
  132. Backup drives
  133. Want to use a pedal as mod wheel
  134. EWQL Streaming: Please help I'm climbing the walls ..
  135. EW Newbee storage help on mac pro :)
  136. Understanding Hardware Roles / Impact - please contribute
  137. Drum Pads for Key Switch?
  138. VEPro Question
  139. TEControl USB Breath controller
  140. Instructions for connecting my mac to my new windows 10 slave
  141. How to automate cc's in Ableton live???
  142. Large instrument setup and hardware
  143. Staccato/Pizzicato Lag in Logic Pro
  144. Still struggling with powerful computer
  145. Seaboard Rise
  146. Skylake PC Build with NVME SSD 64GB RAM
  147. External SSD & RAM question
  148. SATA II vs SATA III for sample streaming?
  149. Host and Slaves in Logic Pro X
  150. Logic Pro, iMac and Slave computers
  151. Space management after upgrade to diamond/platinum
  152. CPU maxing out
  153. Installation problems
  154. Turn off unused sample SSDs?
  155. 22 core CPU released
  156. Ideal pagefile with 32gb RAM
  157. HS Gold not recognizing instruments directory
  158. PLAY Template loading times in Cubase
  159. Upgrading to SSD Thunderbolt Samples Drive
  160. macbook pro i5 or i7?
  161. Relative importance of ram versus cpu
  162. Unusual Memory Usage Issues With Cubase 7
  163. Late 2013 Mac Pro enough?
  164. Using a dedicated controller for keyswitches
  165. Mac Choices
  166. Can I upgrade this computer (for sample libraries)?
  167. How and can I set up my external hard drive to run composer cloud
  168. Alesis Q88 Midi Controller Reprogramming
  169. General Latency Issue?
  170. Macbook Pro mid-2012
  171. Using a Touchscreen for macros/ Keycommands
  172. SSD for imac 27 5k - noise concern ?
  173. Need advice for USB ports configuration
  174. What length of Cable is too long?
  175. FYI 4TB SSD
  176. Dante network?
  177. SSD optimization
  178. Roland string loaded stick for mod wheel
  179. Slave PC - SSD performance?
  180. Benefits of Aggregating a Network with Master/Slave Performance?
  181. play settings other default interface
  182. M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 (pci) vs Scarlett 18i20 (usb)
  183. Anyone using our instruments with Akai Advance keyboard?
  184. Windows Quicktime Workaround for Video?
  185. Bricked samples drive...
  186. Soundcard freezes computer
  187. Play and VePro5 idling CPU
  188. Is my budget enough for a DAW PC
  189. Drawing CC Curves using phone?
  190. problem with play & focusrite scarlett 2i2 & windows 10 & Akai mpk261
  191. VEP6 Thoughts?
  192. Microsoft Surface Book
  193. Virtual instruments and audio interface
  194. Anybody using Gaming laptops with EW Libraries? (6700HQ or 4700HQ) Asus/MSI
  195. Headphones
  196. Random CPU spikes in EWQLSO in FL Studio...
  197. KRK Monitors?
  198. RAID0, VS JBOD, VS Extend Volumes
  199. Third party hardware
  200. The most effective upgrade
  201. SSD Performance Issues
  202. My new template performance
  203. Bank separated or ssd raid 0
  204. Mac Upgrade Advice?
  205. Dead computer
  206. SSD for live PC setup
  207. What Laptop is recommended for composing?
  208. i7 6700k Skylake Performance?
  209. Installing EW libs on a master/slave network
  210. iLok 3 is there...
  211. Maudio BX5 Question: Loud Bass Frequencies. Room Question
  212. Play 5 Load Times w/ Pianos Platinum
  213. SSD or RAM upgrade?
  214. How to use midi keyboard over network
  215. PC upgrade
  216. Instrument loading time Divided by 10
  217. iMac vs. Mac Pro - personal experiences?
  218. How to optimise sample drive
  219. What's the Difference?
  220. New EastWest user... Help with library size
  221. Hardware (CPU) question for users who use larger templates
  222. Sound Card Needed?
  223. Would loading EW instruments on an external SSD with Thunderbolt tax my CPU?
  224. Native Instruments S series keyboard and EastWest
  225. Does this upgrade worth the investment ?
  226. New PC computer-license
  227. Isolating Computers from Studio
  228. What Hardware for basic server running libraries
  229. Workstation PC for Hollywood Orchestra DIAMOND
  230. Muse Receptor Qua4tro
  231. Breath control?
  232. Complete Collection Pro
  233. Mac Pro Not Such a Beast After All?
  234. External Hard Drive & Libraries?
  235. Mac MIDI Controller Surface Opinions
  236. ethernet-thunderbolt dongle
  237. How many SS Drives?
  238. I know I'm small potatoes but...
  239. Sonar X! producer MIDI/audio problem ("screech" during bounced audio) - help please!
  240. SONAR Professional vs. Cubase 9 Pro?
  241. Roli Rise
  242. CC assignment
  243. Do i need 2 hdd for Composer Cloud?
  244. Composer Cloud With Pro Tools On iMac
  245. Best hard drive arrangement for Pianos + Hollywood Orchestra?
  246. Disabled Templates/Templates with Logic Pro 9 - Ideas
  247. How large can I go with a Hollywood Orchestra template with one SSD?
  248. Thunderbolt external hard drive
  249. Lets talk pulses
  250. Just need help choosing a processor