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  1. Powerful prebuilt PC's in the UK
  2. Giga files question
  3. Help re PLay standalone set-up.
  4. download the whole sample library soon!!
  5. Cubase interaction between Mac and PC
  6. Configuring ASIO4all with quantum leap
  7. Another RAM question
  8. please help me find a keyboard from my list
  9. Alternate to Bidule - Play Standalone, DP, and Motu HD192
  10. How many Orchestra n Choir instruments at same time in this PC?
  11. Posting a new thread error
  12. Some basic questions
  13. E-mu 1212m PCI-e Windows 7 question
  14. RAM Speed and CPU
  15. Play Impulse Data version 1885 where?
  16. No audio from music programs?
  17. EW NI Powered and Win 7
  18. Projectmix to 5.1?
  19. M-Audio Octane preamps vs Profire 2626 preamps
  20. Internal or External Hard Drive
  21. Did VI's Kill my Hard Drive?
  22. Head Phone Monitors
  23. Multiple MIDI devices into one MIDI in?
  24. How well does Firewire actually work in an audio interface
  25. FX Teleport
  26. Logic 9.1.1 is out
  27. Can someone please help with my setup?
  28. REVERB across cores: 1 PLAY/reverb VS multiple PLAYs/reverbs
  29. Advice on sound card, monitors and 5.1
  30. syncing to video in cubase 5
  31. Clicks and Pops SOLVED!!!!!
  32. The same question... (sorry)
  33. Mac Pro quad vs Vision Daw
  34. Anyone using 3 monitors on PC?
  35. Thinking about furniture....
  36. Midi Controller
  37. Advice needed on MacBook-setup
  38. Speakers question...
  39. Akai MPD24 with SD2
  40. Any brought a USA mac pro for use in the UK?
  41. Logic crashing with minimal CPU load. Getting random CPU spikes for no reaso... help?
  42. issue with playing EW and keyboard...
  43. New Internal Hard Drive - Advice Needed
  44. Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Update Available Now
  45. Well I wanna kill my audio interface.
  46. Microphone input not exporting.
  47. Da Fact Karlax
  48. A mouse wheel question
  49. Instruments Playing At The Same Time?!!?!
  50. MOTU 2408mk3 first impression
  51. EWQL Pianos - Host Errors render sudden soundless
  52. 64 or 32 bit?
  53. Spreading libraries out
  54. need help choosing a interface
  55. Use a Wacom tablet as midi controller?
  56. Terratec cease production of Axon AX50 & AX100
  57. HP 180/190 desktop slave machines?
  58. windows 7 installation problem
  59. 2,1GHz Intel Core2Duo > or < 1,6GHz Intel i7
  60. Problems with Play in Logic 8
  61. RME vs MOTU vs ????
  62. lost the PLAY engine....
  63. What i should buy for recording stereo interface and analog mixer or.........
  64. Building a little stand for my monitor
  65. MIDI controller via USB or MIDI? Which is better?
  66. w 7 instalation update problem
  67. Hard Drive Speed / Windows 7 Version
  68. Solid State Drives - If it hasn't already... let the debate begin.
  69. RME Babyface
  70. replacing my pcmcia sound card with a good usb one...?
  71. Advice for ProTools setup?
  72. Owners of Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R.. need your input
  73. Memory full
  74. Headphones question
  75. Win 7 64-bit working/compatible card
  76. Fastest (and cheapest) non-SSD options
  77. AMD Phenom II X6 vs. Intel i7?
  78. Using PLAY Standalone and Soundflower
  79. Cannot load EWQLSO Platinum instruments
  80. Cubase: audio dropouts
  81. 24GB Ram good or waste of money?
  82. Maxing to 12GB
  83. Sound card
  84. Vogel's Wall Mount for powered monitors
  85. light peak
  86. SATA vs SATA II
  87. Why is there an $800 difference between these 2 SSDs?
  88. Lost Piano's installation CD's but have ilok key still
  89. 2 x OCZ Z Drive or 2 x OWC Mercury?
  90. Which part does what?
  92. Guru's help! Win 7, I NEED a setup!!
  93. 8 Slot Motherboard
  94. Why Aren't You Using SAS/SCSI Over Sata????
  95. Soundcard? Audio Interface? HDD or SSD?
  96. M-Audio Keystation 88es
  97. Anyone running Play with Pro Tools LE 8
  99. Alesis USB Pro Kit and SD2?
  100. What kind of performance will I really get?
  101. Building a rack?
  102. Advice needed. mac Pro versus the macbook pro for music production only?
  103. Best Performance: Internal or External (USB 2)?
  104. Some hardware questions.
  105. Wondering if anyone knows has an opinion on this RAM
  106. MHZ RAM and CPU Mem Controller - confused?
  107. MOTU 828MK3 vs RME FF400?
  108. Having a hard time with pedal sustain
  109. Grab Your Torch 'n Pitchfork!!
  110. Which eSata controller card to purchase?
  111. Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom sufficient for CCC ?
  112. Can't get keyboard to work with free symphonic orchestra
  113. Anyone using Velociraptors with Hollywood Strings?
  114. I need soundcard
  115. Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drives?
  116. Difinitive way to test my monitors?
  117. Woofer
  118. Finale 2007 + EastWest products
  119. Akai MPK88 stays on after computer is off
  120. Trackball recommendations for PC/Windows 7
  121. Anyone used the Glyph hard drive? Check it out
  122. eSATA transfer rate
  123. Win 7 tweaks for best streaming ?
  124. MBox 2 and Play
  125. SSD versus hard drives -- Iometer test
  126. New keyboard - help
  127. Cubase 5 Play reverb issue
  128. Eventually using an iMac as an external monitor + slave?
  129. New Build?
  130. Just purchased a new LaCie 4 port e-SATA card...
  131. How to split my softwares to my HDs???
  132. Need Help. Pro Tools/Play MIDI settings problem
  133. Trying to install Platinum Plus. I only get Error 1721.
  134. Digital Output Volume is too Low
  135. Questions about setting up LaCie eSata II PCI Express Card
  136. SSD setup for HS - some questions
  137. Newb question - PT LE8 & EW
  138. bosendorfer plays wrong note
  139. Question about installing Platinum Plus(16bit content)?
  140. SSD For operating system
  141. SSD/Raid issue - Mac keeps crashing
  142. Doepfer LMK4+ vs. Fatar Numa Nero
  143. Help Anyone!
  144. Installing PLAY libraries
  145. When are mutiple computers necessary?
  146. Start up Failure
  147. Installing Plat Plus - Need help!
  148. Choosing a Hard drive....
  149. Replacing my rack of eSATA hard drives - Advice needed :-)
  150. Mac Pro or iMac Quad Core to run CC Collection
  151. Setting up a SLAVE machine for Hollywood Strings - Advice needed!
  152. Help needed from Mac/Cubase users...
  153. Why does my virtual memory read the same as real memory?
  154. Help me reach my dreams? Good low latency audio interface for midi/usb keyboard input
  155. Expression pedal
  156. Master keyboard problems
  157. Wordbuilder usage in Logic 9
  158. Daw controllers and recording more than 8 tracks.
  159. USB Interface Box Questions
  160. PLAY in Pro Tools! How are you doing it? jbridge, bidule, rewire through other DAWs??
  161. Better audio compression for my NPR podcasts?
  162. Which Audiocard for Windows 7 64-bit
  163. East West Ra Kompakt version?
  164. Problem with activation
  165. logic projects finding library in new hard drive
  166. No sound from two instruments in Goliath
  167. Midi controller?
  168. Advice on PCI-Card for S-ATA/SSD Drives, intern?! (Mac Pro)
  169. Most simple way to practice piano in Windows?
  170. Drives and CPU questions.
  171. Does anyone have Bidule Version v0.9705 (July 5th, 2010) working with 2.0.9?
  172. Anyone using Fx Teleport and Play?
  173. Hard drive and CCC on Mac inquiry
  174. How to assign a modwheel in reaper?
  175. SSD for a Mac Pro Tower?
  176. HELP!
  177. SSD and HS
  178. ok to use firewire 800 for Goliath samples?
  179. More questions...
  180. Got my new PC going
  181. iMac as slave with VE Pro?
  182. Play 2.0.18 and VE Pro in Logic 9.1.1
  183. So who here is using a 10000rpm Hard drive and does it make a difference?
  184. This has happened enough times that I know I'm not imagining it...
  185. Free CPU. Any good?
  186. Confused about what computer to buy
  187. Performance issues and Midi Over Lan
  188. 6 Core I7 or Dual Xeon Quad/Hex?
  189. Help! CCC installing on primary drive, but want it on secondary drive
  190. Macbook as a host for a PC using MB monitor
  191. Lots of libraries on 1 SSD - practical?
  192. Okay, now that I have my specs in the sig...
  193. Latency problems with EWQL Gold connected with my MIDI Keyboard..
  194. New desktop lineup from Apple
  195. Windows 7 x64 compatible midi interface. E-MU XMIDI 1x1 Tab?
  196. Can I use Quantum Leap Silk with Cubase VST 5.x
  197. The new Apple Desktop Line. Which to buy?
  198. Velociraptor essential for QL Pianos?
  199. Best way to connect a slave computer
  200. Crash NO crash
  201. Problem with activation
  202. Sample Streaming Suggestions
  203. Log Out?
  204. Technical RAM question on new iMac
  205. 6 Internal SSD or Slave Mac Pro?
  206. DP 5.13 on Snow Leopard?
  207. Vertical Screens/Monitors/VDU's
  208. east west symphonics cc 217 gb
  209. Can't install QL RA (Play) - technical help need, plz!
  210. Datamem ram for macpro?
  211. Sound Card problem
  212. USB drive for samples and other HW questions
  213. New Mac Pro's available for order!!
  214. For orchestra and EWQL purposes, would you guys recommend a hammer or semi keyboard?
  215. Hollywood Strings - What Hardware needed?
  216. Solid State Drives and East West
  217. Headphone recommendations
  218. I have 3 monitors 2 computers and I want to control them with one keyboard and mouse.
  219. Best DAW laptop
  220. Headphones... Advice
  221. Specific kind of 3.5mm adapter
  222. Which Mac Pro?
  223. Colossus Compatibility
  225. Is this a good buid? Or too much of a rip-off?
  226. New Mac Pros-compatibility?
  227. Best Hard Drive for Hollywood Strings??
  228. Problem with symphonic GOLD & SILVER!!
  229. Problems with playing East West Plugins
  230. Automation, expression, etc... Best workflow?
  231. play in standalone mode, outputs using a MOTU 896
  232. Stringed midi controller
  233. Using Headphones with two sources
  234. A Little Trouble With Play After Update
  235. raid 0 question...
  236. Careful with Kingston V Series SSD
  237. external SATA options question
  238. Hard Drive Suggestions for MacPro
  239. Memory upgrade
  240. Monitor Management??
  241. New Mac advice
  242. The new Directresolution PC?
  243. Build your own DAW...suggestions?
  244. East West Goliath with Studio One question.
  245. What is your display preference?
  246. New external harddrive? advice needed!
  247. Uninterruptible Power Supply?
  248. mobile mini studio
  249. WD Caviar Black drives
  250. Help on 1000 sequencing pc??