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  1. EASTWEST desktop pictures (wallpaper)
  2. Photos of newly renovated EASTWEST Studios (formerly Western/Cello Studios)
  3. Hollywood Strings users - ESSENTIAL READING!
  4. THE DARK SIDE Sound On Sound Review
  5. Creation of the "Ex Vita Morte" demo for EastWest's "The Dark Side"
  6. THE DARK SIDE wins 2011 MIPA Award
  7. Sound On Sound review of Hollywood Brass
  8. Music Technology review of Hollywood Brass
  9. Electronic Musician review of Hollywood Brass
  10. EASTWEST To Kick Off 25th Anniversary With New MASTERS SERIES Of Virtual Instruments
  11. Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Update now available!
  12. New Hollywood Strings and Hollywood Brass Updates
  13. Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Update 1.0.7
  14. Sound On Sound review of Stormdrum 3
  15. Sound On Sound : EastWest : Doug Rogers - The Man Behind the Brand
  16. Stormdrum 3 Update 1.0.3 available for download
  17. Stormdrum 3 wins Electronic Musician's 2014 Editor's Choice Award
  18. EASTWEST Releases 25th Anniversary Collection
  19. Hollywood Brass Instrument Updates posted
  20. Spaces 1.1.19 update available for download
  21. Sound On Sound review of Ghostwriter
  22. Spaces 1.1.2 update available for download
  23. Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Updates now available for download
  24. Hollywood Solo Cello Instrument updates now available
  25. Spaces 1.1.25 update available for download
  26. Hollywood Solo Violin released
  27. Introducing EastWest ComposerCloud X
  28. PLAY 5.0.4 now available
  29. EastWest announces HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS
  30. EastWest announces VOICES OF THE EMPIRE (featuring Uyanga Bold)
  31. Announcing PLAY 6.0.5 update
  32. EastWest Releases Spaces II
  33. EastWest Releases Voices of Soul
  34. EastWest Announces Voices of Opera