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  1. Music education
  2. Compositional process
  3. Welcome to the David Newman Q&A Please read before posting!
  4. Composer/director interaction
  5. Developing Relationships and Getting Work from Older Composers
  6. Hi Folks Marty Frasu here
  7. Workflow
  8. Set Up
  9. The amount of own creativity
  10. Live and virtual
  11. More on communication
  12. Inspiration(people)
  13. Gearhead question it is.......... master volume control
  14. Is relocation to LA a requirement?
  15. Virtual instruments, live players and computers
  16. EW patches
  17. What separates those who make it "big" from those who don't?
  18. What associations should someone join to network in the industry?
  19. The importance of having a manager
  20. Composer fees
  21. Non Classical trained composers
  22. Could you describe the computer/network/sample libraries?
  23. Temp Track Love
  24. Brothers
  25. Coming from a Musical Family
  26. Hello - David Newman here...
  27. Setup question for Marty
  28. Expectations of a director
  29. The Man Behind The Curtain
  30. Which of the following would you suggest...
  31. Keeping the nerves
  32. Mistakes, chances and excess of music
  33. To Key, Or not to Key, That is the Question.
  34. Impact on your composition from needing to show directors a midi mockup....
  35. Inspiration (music) question
  36. Favorite
  37. The software era, more competition among composers?
  38. Preparing for different styles of film?
  39. Age, Finance & Education
  40. A fluid cut: Staying on top of changes to picture
  41. Royalties
  42. Voice leading and Orchestrators
  43. New Vision DAW... Day One
  44. Programming A Chinese Student's Career
  45. Producing A Soundtrack Album
  46. Too many composers?
  47. Huge Platform Change *How* To Transition And Configure EWQL?
  48. The BIG picture and the importance of style
  49. Rewriting, mistakes, and personal work
  50. Comparing yourself to others
  51. Pace/tempo
  52. Tommy Boy
  53. Probably more for Marty: Whose budget pays what?
  54. Balance
  55. Orchestration Technique for Loud Percussion?
  56. How well did the score work for the film?
  57. The importance of making an entrance...
  58. Q & A session with David Newman ends