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  1. Welcome to the John Powell Q&A - TOPIC NOW CLOSED READ ONLY
  2. The Bourne Ultimatum
  3. Hi, John! Why is...
  4. After arriving in LA, what's the next logical step?
  5. About writing cues
  6. working with HZ on Kung Fu Panda
  7. Creating Themes
  8. Producers influence
  9. Deciding What Scenes to Score?
  10. Balancing
  11. Sound Setup
  12. How do you write?
  13. Getting out there
  14. Length of time required to begin working steadily
  15. Helping others to help your self.
  16. Transcribing.
  17. Harmony in scores and taking chances
  18. What is your daily routine?
  19. Associative Instrumentation
  20. The Bourne Supremacy
  21. Self-promotion?
  22. Conducting
  23. Tempo
  24. What do you think of french movie score?
  25. Collaboration Wish List
  26. You are my hero
  27. Favorite scores growing up
  28. Mock-Ups and Weapons
  29. Percussive Elements
  30. From Your Project Studio to Post
  31. BOLT and source music
  32. "Free" time and personal music projects