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  2. Request: Play mixer master fader
  3. going webbased
  4. iLok Device Authorization
  5. Velocity layering for live purposes
  6. rate or flag instruments
  7. Will the SSL/EW Become Part of CC?
  8. Please introduce MIDI learn
  9. New instrument sets suggestion
  10. Phonetic of Diea Irae
  11. Wordbuilder and Diction Forum
  12. Hardware Emulation of Korg/Roland string sounds?
  13. Online libraries Authorization
  14. Larger attachment size in forum?
  15. Include INSTRUMENT version numbers in Play
  16. A Choice on Dynamics Control - Hollywood
  17. Composer Cloud Simultaneous Download and Extract
  18. Combining more patches in HW series ...
  19. Organs!
  20. VST3
  21. Templates and/or demos
  22. QL Spaces License
  23. Play NKS support for Komplete Kontrol Keyboards
  24. Multile PLAY plugins in a session
  25. The ability to show just the instruments you have activated
  26. Show the Path, Please
  27. Pitch band and microtonal functionality for Pianos
  28. uninstall feature for composer cloud
  29. PACE installation
  30. Custom Build you own keyswitches patches
  31. Build your own Custom Keyswitch Patches
  32. Search Box in Play's Brower
  33. Information box on Articulations
  34. Eastwest Installation Center and Play - Programming Language for Screenreaders
  35. Feature Requests Recap
  36. Some GUI Suggestions
  37. Assigning CCs and Faders for visual reference.
  38. QL Spaces double click glitch
  39. discount for old customers
  40. Keyswitch improvements
  41. Standalone Bass Trombone
  42. Presets / settings
  43. Download speed for "Play" upgrade
  44. Hollywood Brass & Strings legato scripting
  45. Simplify Instrument Browsing
  46. Make Library Documentation accessible from within PLAY
  47. Composer cloud
  48. Stradivarius
  49. Invert modulation wheel
  50. Hollywood Choirs Suggestions (Both programming & recording)
  51. EWQL ever to venture into IOS Mobile?
  52. Link to User Manual after choosing an instrument
  53. VE Pro tips/suggestions with PLAY
  54. Midi controllers for All functions in the PLAY
  55. Undo
  56. Rap/ Hip-hop vocal virtual instrument
  57. Gospel Choir
  58. Opera
  59. Abilitiy to preview sounds/UX design
  60. voices of soul
  61. Provide Standard Windows Minimize/Hide on IC
  62. Vocal libraries without phrases
  63. Convert existing perpetual licences into x months of Composer X
  64. Trombone slides
  65. Much needed improvements to EW Installer
  66. Melodic Metal Vocals with work builder
  67. Word Builder 64 bits
  68. Browser "Return to Selection"
  69. Time for some soft/felt/upright pianos
  70. Country Music