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  2. 3 minor suggestions for PLAY
  3. Allow us to set the default mic position(s) that will load
  4. PLAY as a VST effect
  5. VST3 and Note Expression Support.
  6. Improved articulation View for Gypsy, Vop, MOr
  7. Search function and tagging
  8. FLAC for better performance?
  9. Right mouse click - addressing MIDI CC# to knobs and sliders
  10. Custom Keyswitching
  11. Keyswitch via Velocity
  12. Improved SSD Handling
  13. Open EWI Format for Third-Party Editing
  14. Checking for licence BEFORE loading
  15. Adjust Play to medium (125%) or large (150%)
  16. Major update for QL Pianos involving new stuff
  17. Some PLAY frs
  18. Phrase markers in WordBuilder
  19. User-definable symbols in WordBuilder
  20. Retry button for License
  21. Change order of loaded instruments
  22. Repedaling support
  23. Grid option instead of drop down box
  24. automated preview feature
  25. Eastwest mic mixer user position .
  26. Alternate Licensing Method for Play
  27. Instant orchestra patch template thing
  28. Keep previous version of PLAY (when updating)
  29. Time stretching for PLAY
  30. AAX Support
  31. Controllers visibility in Logic automation
  32. Suggestion for PLAY's Performance functions
  33. Pitch bend suggestion
  34. Polyphony cutout order
  35. batch functions
  36. Best quality for Plt+ Versions
  37. A "load all to memory" option
  38. More intelligence for moved samples
  39. Pitch shifting in Play 3
  40. Pitchshift sound speed
  41. Master fader for each mic position, SC/SO
  42. Control over how much of the samples are loaded in RAM
  43. Selective save
  44. Ability to resize GUI
  45. Folder Icon in Browser Window
  46. Screenreader Accessibility
  47. Load Your Own IRs Into Spaces
  48. Instrument Banks
  49. Spotlight Search to Find Missing Samples
  50. Master button for mic position
  51. Scala Tuning Table Play 4
  52. Play full screen window or zoom in
  53. Muse Receptor compatibility
  54. Interaction between Patch Dropdown(selection) and Browser
  55. Custom "Full Mix" mic position
  56. Problem with gold complete
  57. stability between play 4 and liquid saffire 56
  58. More support for non keyboard controlers.
  59. Play automation
  60. Seeing what sample is currently being played
  61. Learn and purge
  62. Official support for Reaper
  63. Typing in Values
  64. 16 Bit Switch
  65. Automatic Increment for Audio Channel
  66. Advanced Instrument Properties
  67. Wordbuilder Matcher
  68. Make the loading window non-modal
  69. Enable Host Automation
  70. PT 11
  71. A Limiter
  72. Accessible Text Editor in Wordbuilder
  73. clearer marked for current articulation
  74. Tempo synced Delay for the Play engine
  75. FL studio 64bit support
  76. play error
  77. Resizing The Window
  78. Dynamic Layers visible in the PLAY interface
  79. More crossfades
  80. Background loading when opening a project like in Kontakt
  81. My request's
  82. Add mouse wheel function for Play 4 menus...
  83. Tuto, examples and more for SSL/EW-FX
  84. Repeated Low Memory Error
  85. Add Menu Bar and Keyboard Commands for Context Menus
  86. Triple function Key Switches
  87. PLAY interface suggestions / articulations
  88. Channel Dropdown Menu
  89. Master Tuning
  90. Enable support of play for these consoles
  91. Make it possible to install several versions of Play
  92. VST Background Loading
  93. Replace the replace button
  94. A new way of crossfading
  95. Sibelius
  96. Cursor in Wordbuilder/Symphonic Choir
  97. Organization and navigation of reverb selection.
  98. Reset Engine on main player page
  99. "Instrument Properties" Improvement
  100. Pitchbendwheel --> main interface
  101. Global control link
  102. The possibility to edit samples in the patches
  103. Icons to show used channels and outputs...
  104. Purge...
  105. VST 3.5, note expression and Hermode tuning support
  106. Moving programms in list and drag-n-drop loading
  107. Imitation Vibrato
  108. Creating our own custim Keyswitches
  109. Search function
  110. VST Loading To Do list
  111. Suggestion: WordBuilder - option for reset on every stop/playback start.
  112. Articulation lists viewable without scroll.
  113. Loading samples on the fly
  114. Accessibility of Convolution Reverb Menu
  115. Panic button and configurable mixer
  116. Unreadable Script in Play 4?
  117. EWEpro
  118. Batch Re-save
  119. Keyswitch Patch for Hollywood Strings Runs
  120. Instrument Banks
  121. Kontakt-like features please
  122. purge system
  123. Advanced Tuning
  124. QL spaces ER xfade option
  125. QL Spaces - Favorites List
  126. Ram advanced using and ssd and offline modes
  127. Loading projects without a loading dialog
  128. "Master fader" in the mixer?
  129. Organising sounds
  130. ADSR Filter envelope+LFO usefull for Goliath
  131. Instrument Picture
  132. EW library's file count
  133. Configurable mixer
  134. MIDI CC "Learn" funtion in microphones faders
  135. Better indication of current keyswitch and assignments
  136. Play Pro
  137. Support for non-East West instruments
  138. Double time tempo sync patches
  139. Improved flexibility/playability across EW Libraries (examples provided)
  140. Searching for updates
  141. Type parameters
  142. Assignable range for pitch bend
  143. Vibrato select
  144. Instrument editing
  145. Let us use a CC to control legato-transition volume.
  146. Choirs multi, mic loading /unloading
  147. All drums should be multi-output
  148. Audition - only load an octave or two
  149. Background Loading is still Stealing Keyboard input
  150. Option to choose which mic position to load already from the browser
  151. 32 mono outputs / 16 stereo outputs in PLAY
  152. Built-in midi recorder and/or audio recorder
  153. Midi assignments for all mixer parameters
  154. Double the direct outs
  155. Default volume on consonants in Choir
  156. Make a midi CC to 'stop all voices'
  157. Play 4.3.1 VST install directory
  158. Can we please have Double-click defaults in PLAY?
  159. Normal pitch bend please.
  160. Background loading
  161. Spotlight Search for Play (MAC)
  162. A new paradigm - a morphing sample player
  163. Revamp libraries Gui - show all keyswitch options.
  164. VST 3.6 and microtuning
  165. PLAY Software for Linux
  166. Distributed processing and/or cloud resources
  167. Please add free pitch tweaking wheel to PLAY engine.
  168. Turn release samples volume up or down with MIDI control
  169. Customize product skins
  170. Articulations
  171. Verb/Legato
  172. Create automations inside play
  173. Search Functionality Greatly Needed
  174. Purged Loading
  175. Play ram disable & adv. instrument properties (scales)
  176. General Assignment of MIDI CCs to Each Libraries Volume of Mic Position
  177. Re-ordering patches loaded in an instance of Play
  178. PLAY 6: Sync Wordbuilder to DAW for Symphonic Choirs
  179. PLAY needs tempo sync to DAW!
  180. Linux support
  181. ADSR envelope possible for filter in play and more vibrato settings
  182. Browse database for installed libraries
  183. Midi Automate Mic Levels
  184. Database Browser Cubase &VEP on the same Computer
  185. Delay compensation for each instrument
  186. Instrument's Replace!
  187. divisi and others
  188. Save Multi As
  189. PLAY mixer main out L+R fader/FX
  190. ability to create velocity layer. 2. use round robin for stereo
  191. A Request for More "Midi Learn" control in Player 6
  192. Similar GUI for all instruments
  193. Changing articulation levels in PLAY Gui by double clicking
  194. Midi CC Customization (Mic Positions)
  195. Play in Cubase
  196. Browser indication
  197. Play 6 suggestions (refresh)
  198. Play 6 GUI Resizing
  199. Play in intrument section of pro tool
  200. Patch selection by PrCh or CC
  201. Ohmicide, Amp Simulator and SSL as external plugins
  202. "MIDI LEARN" additional opportunities
  203. Play Pro status?
  204. Key Switch Re-programming
  205. Mic level link
  206. Play is a limitation. A Purge function gives freedom!
  207. Midi CC everything
  208. remove samples in player
  209. More Video Tutorials and practical usage tips
  210. Wordbuilder/polyphonic single note repetition (note off/on same tone) for chants
  211. UI suggestions
  212. black key become white
  213. saving voices
  214. wordbuilder text editor markers and commands
  215. sampler in play engine
  216. Show Intrument in Library Context
  217. Sample mapping in PLAY
  218. MIDI Velocity curve
  219. same fx for all midi channels on one instance of play engine
  220. custom keyswitches request
  221. play engine fx's automation for Pro Tools
  222. set the amount of hihat sent to the OH pro drummer
  223. reverb on individual drum pieces
  224. Global repetition / legato scripts for all instruments
  225. Have samples encoded in FLAC format