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04-15-2005, 04:16 PM
:D Eight Pianos: Scherzo - Wisps

This piece came to me as a "second movement" of a series that I have begun featuring the notion of EIGHT pianos and a Mahler-sized orchestra (with some extras). Part of a series (incomplete at this writing) that breaks a LOT of rules as to "traditional orchestration" (mainly because I'm currently of a strong mood to turn my back on the traditional concert hall orchestra because I've decided that aspiring to have things performed there -- for me, at least -- is totally irrelevant).

Anyway, the Scherzo "Wisps" is from a developing suite of 4 (or perhaps 5) short pieces called "Eight Pianos and Orchestra" and yes, all of the movements feature 8 pianos -- arrayed in my "soundscape" along the rear of the orchestral arch at about 22 1/2 degree intervals. You can hear it from this page on AcidPlanet (http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=528850&T=9759). If you're not registered you cannot download the 160K MP3 version, so that is here (http://www.kevintweedy.net/GPO/Eight%20Pianos%20-%202%20%20Scherzo%20-%20Wisps.mp3). Three of the 8 pianos are GPO (along with 2 harps, marimba, piccolo and Basic Orch Percussion also from GPO). The remaining 5 pianos are various sample sets from the Wizoo Platinum Grand 24 and the remaining orchestra elements are EWQLSO/Gold (and one VSL/Horizon xylophone).

When I contemplate “my” orchestra, I realize that several who have gone before have been innovators as far as the composition of their players. Folks like Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Adams and Terry Riley have long been “marching to their own drummer” as far as the make-up of their ensemble. Products like GPO and modern software sequencers and softSamplers allow that bold tradition to go forth in an even more bold fashion today.

The make-up of the “orchestra” for this piece (and the rest of the “Eight Pianos” suite, when complete) is pretty much a standard orchestral grouping (2 harps, robust percussion elements and a “Mahler Hammer” -- not utilized in this movement) -- plus the eight pianos, of course. I’ve made the sweeping statement in some chat sessions that I’m embarking on a course of considering utilizing [a] massive amounts of strings, [b] enlarged woodwind and brass sections (10 flutes, 24 French horns, a dozen oboes, for example) in future works. For this “Eight Pianos” suite (which currently has one other piece “mostly complete”, a third “sketched” and up to 2 more “in my head”) I plan to utilize a “maximum ensemble” though not always used in a fortissimo configuration.

I have little care or concern as to whether any of my works can be “performed” by a “real” orchestra. While others may aspire to that goal (and the laudable GPO Composition Contest aside), I see a more “virtual” audience that those derrieres in the cushy concert hall seats; as long as I can deliver “the product” to the listener in some convenient form (CD, SACD or DVD-Audio) the loop is complete.

Thanks for listening! KevinKauai

04-16-2005, 05:39 PM
An interesting point about not just trying to recreate A traditional orchestra sound on a computer but making a new type sound/orchestra. I listened to A steve reich album awhile back now and loved it, The way it changed gradually through the music can't remember the name it though. Anyway love the piece !!