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04-24-2008, 03:39 AM
Hey Kids!

Greetings from Australia!
And hey, I've gotta say, this forum is pretty rad. Especially since I've just invested in GOLD XP, SYMPHONIC CHOIRS aswell as STORM DRUM -> WOW :eek:

And therefore, *sighs*, its upgrade time ! *points to fat-soon-to-be-thin wallet.
So basically I've been using an athlon 2ghz single core (YEAH, they still exist), 512mb ram, you know, stock PC of about 4 years or so. So, because this pc is fine for my sequencer, aswell as every vsti synth ive ever used (and believe me, i've alot -> its more addictive than collecting stamps -> wait, when was that even fun ?? Oh bad analogy)

Anyway, let me run my plan by you guys; because i really dont wanna blow money on slaves that are just gonna suck
3 Slaves
Each one

Dual core E8500
3 GB Ram [because they'd be running XP 32bit -> no point in popping up to 4 gig really aye ?]
Small OS+app drive (80 gigish)
( ?? ) 2 sample drives each [one for each "component" of the samples i've just bought]
For example;

Would i get acceptable performance out of using my existing athlon to FX-T each pc and more importantly, would they each be able to perform without chokeing / having to bounce down every 2nd track :p if i divided the components

SO perc
SD perc
possible piano lib ?

and of course divided them strategically onto each computer [e.g, In my compositional sense, strings and woods are so hot for each other :p, so i'd split them onto seperate computers]

So basically, would i blow this money and then end up with 3 useless computers not able to take the task at hand ? Because im looking for a system with MINIMAL comprimise [i.e I dont really want to be restricted ]

OR would that just really grind, and id be off better buying, say 2 quad core systems for roughly the same price with 4gb ram -> No win64 for me just yet as steinberg havnt got their shit together as of yet, -> would that be able to cope [they'd be Q6600]

And yeah, ive read just about EVERY post on this forum regarding system upgrades and ive really really really gotta say a BIG BIG thanks to vatroslav for all the effort he's put in here :D Im pretty sure im not the only passive observer that has really taken alot from it

look forward to being able to USE ewql really soon :D