View Full Version : Importing SD2 Midi Performances Into Cubase!

Jim Curits
04-28-2008, 08:58 AM
Hi on a steep learning curve at the moment with Computer upgrades / purchase of Goliath / SD2, and upgraded to Cubase (Busy Weekend:D)

My question which might have a simple solution so please excuse my ignorance is:

When I drag a midi file from the SD2 folder into Cubase, it automatically creates all the relevant midi instrument tracks.

My problem is I cannot route these individual tracks to the already setup SD2 Play VST.

To hear the midi file in all it's glory I have to cut and paste each midi file from each instrument track into one midi track that is routed to the SD2 VST. (very tedious)

Hopefully, I took so much info in this last weekend that my brain has shut down:eek: and the obvious solution is staring me in the face:o

Any ideas?

Jim Curits
04-28-2008, 09:41 AM
Problem sorted thanks to the Cubase forum:

For all newbies to Cubase 4.

There's a Pref that let's you de-select Instrument Tracks as the default Import target. File-Prefs-MIDI-MIDI File.