View Full Version : Americana- for EWQLSO Gold and Kontakt 2 VSL

04-16-2005, 08:27 AM
Most of this track features the large string orchestra (50) from Gold. I love the warm sonorites in this string patch and it makes playing quite a delight.

Horns are obviously VSL legato. 2nd violins are also Violins (susx) from VSL, but as I mentioned, it's mostly the Gold string section. Love the low end cellis. Really great for doing moving lower passages with (note the ascending line towards the end).

This is really just a test that I put together to see if Overture 3 would work well with V-stack with Kontakt 2 and Gold. And yup, it does.

Americana (http://forums2.keyfax.com/user-files/183541-Americana.mp3)