View Full Version : Upgrading. New Com: Quad/x64/Sonar/Play/kontakt2!

05-07-2008, 07:51 AM
Hey guys, i have a favour to those currently using Sonar PE 6 (what i'm currently using) or (7, though i hear many complains of play with 7). with XP 64 , using the new play libraries and using kontakt 2 for their ewql plat and others currently. I would like to request help from computer experts too, hope you guys won't mind the long post.

My intention is to build an ultimate quad core pc from scratch, probably Q6600 (or 9450) if anyone has experience in the 9450, from what i read on forums, many people are usin the Q6600, is it the most stable currently?

And i've yet to find a motherboard that will be compatible and stable (if anyone has suggestions ;)), i'm currently using the Tascam FW 1884 Audio Interface. Will be having about 8 gigs of ram, and many HDD (1 for os/programs , 1 for audio, and probably 3 or more for samples) and i'll be switching over to xp 64, using sonar PE 6 (as of now).

These are the samples i have, and will be using in the new system:
PLAY - MOR ,VOP, Gypsy, Goliath
Kontakt 2 - EWQL Plat, SC , RA, Colussus
Komplete 4 Bundle ( i hope these have no issues in xp 64).

Now comes the important question, as sonar is 64 bit and so is xp 64, i will be able to make the best out of sonar 6 and xp 64 with PLAY currently right? I know kontakt 2 and my other NI stuff are still 32 bit, so will those cause any problems there? Besides being limited to be using only 4gbs of these 32-bit plugins in sonar (is that right?) , but i will be able to load my other PLAY instruments over the limit of 4gbs right?

And is there any current known major issues with Sonar 6 PE/ XP 64/ Kontakt 2(latest ver)/Komplete 4 Bundle NI stuff)?

I read somewhere that a guy gets "warning low physical memory", although barely anything is touched when loading into xp 64 or something.

I was wondering also, if i should upgrade to Sonar 7 PE and Komplete 5 (with kontakt 3), would these be better? Or make things worse. There seems to be some problems with play in Sonar 7, and it's best for me not to dabble into upgrading my current softwares until everything is completely stable

And the ultimate last quesiton: is it really possible at all to be a complete stable QUAD CORE PC, with 8gB ram, Couples of HDD, using XP 64, Sonar 6 or 7, PLAY, Kontakt 2 and komplete 4 currently ;). I'm looking at something really stable, because my dual core AMD is dying on me now, it takes 30 seconds to save a session whenever play is loaded =x.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read, and i really appreciate the help and advice from you guys! :D