View Full Version : Cubase 4.1.3 VS MOR = no hope

05-11-2008, 04:44 PM
Someone uses Cubase 4 and MOR? -_-"
A person passes a year on a no legal version of Nuendo 3, it crash when try to load too many patches or simply because it has want to crash. Then you say at yourself, make this sacrifice, empty the pockets and pay 1,236$ for cubase 4. Yeah dude sure, it will work is an original product. Col cazzo (translation: with your ... k, italian slang) have you present the match Tyson VS Holyfield? well, these two programs pass the time to kick their ass.
Their compatibility, for my experience of use, is nearly zero.

Cubase 4.1.3 crash more often than nuendo 3, you can open and close a project and the next time, without reason you can't open it because Cubase go to crash.
If all goes well and you open the project, you can relax yourself if you use one single patch of guitar, bass or drum (approximately 970steps of loading with a guitar patch).
If instead you decide to load two guitars, a bass and a drum, or worse, four guitar patch, a bass and a drum, you are sure that after to have saved the project you do not reopen it more, the loading bar of the patch, stop it to 98% or the project is opened, but MOR does not produce sound.
In the better of the hypotheses, opened the project and pressed the "play" on the sequencer, after 1 second the volume is lowered of the half.

Currently I am asking myself:

1.I will succeed to end the work?
2.Someone has the same problem?
3.If someoane knows a Stainberg technician that answers, because they are like the Asus technician, pays in order to haven't answers.
4. Why I have bought an original sequencer?!?! 1236 dollars throw in the WC. -_-"

05-12-2008, 08:03 AM
nobody with cubase 4.1.3?