View Full Version : Cloning PC HDD - use the free Paragon Drive Copy 8?

05-23-2008, 11:44 AM
Paragon Drive Copy 8, free on a computer magazine's companion DVD, will - so it is claimed - clone individual HDD partitions or even a whole HDD - which can then be put in place of the old one and work just the same.

But I don't believe all I read: and a user has complained on the magazine's forum that his cloned disk was unbootable.

So, I'd like, please, to hear from anyone who's had either successful or unsuccessful experience of that software - whether cloning individual WXP partitions or the whole drive.


Incidentally, an old version of Norton Ghost, which successfully cloned a WXP partition to another part of the current drive, wouldn't make a bootable clone onto another HDD -- WXP fails to boot and gives an apparently well-known spurious message about hal.dll being missing. The supposed solutions on the internet are either infeasible in my circumstances or beyond my knowledge/understanding of computers. So, after wasting several hours, I've given up that approach.