View Full Version : PC HD: 8-GB "boot code boundary" for WXP but NOT for W98SE - How? - Help?

05-26-2008, 12:19 PM
I'm confused. And weary after hours of barking up the wrong tree, trying solve a problem in setting up a replacement HD for a PC with EW libraries on it. I'm hoping someone here will know all this stuff inside out, and be able to get me unstuck ...

I've bought a new HD to replace a smaller one in a PC that has two WXP partitions: one for non-audio stuff; the other for audio.

The new one has WXP installed twice - copies from the old HD. But the second WXP won't boot if it's placed further than 8 GB from the start of the drive, although in the old drive, the second WXP is 12 GB from the start of the drive and boots OK.

That would make sense if an 8 GB "boot code boundary" applied. But the docs of Powerquest's old "Partition Magic 8" s/w say that, although an 8-GB boundary CAN apply to both WXP and W98SE, it WON'T if the drive is set for LBA ("logical block addressing" in the BIOS) - which it is.

What puzzles me most is that W98SE - installed (after the second WXP) some 24 GB from the start of the drive - DOES boot OK.

Can anyone say how it could be that (a) WXP seems to be constrained by an 8-GB "boot code boundary" even though LBA is switched on, and yet (b) W98SE is NOT affected?

I hope I can solve this. I don't want the first WXP to have to be under 8 GB.


In case it's relevant, this is how the OSs got where they are on the new drive:

(1) W98SE put, by "Drive Image 2002" (DOS version), at start of drive from a CD-R Drive Image file (".pqi") made from the current HD.

(2) Paragon "Drive Copy 8 Personal SE" (free with a recent computer magazine) installed in that W98SE partition.

(3) PC booted into the W98SE, with the old drive attached as slave (just during step '(a)'). From the W98SE partiton:

. . (a) Drive Copy 8 - "clone" a WXP partition from the old drive.
. . (b) Partition Magic 8 - move WXP partition (several times) til it was not too far into the drive to boot (~ 8 GB).
. . (c) Partition Magic 8 - resize WXP partition to less than the space between it and W98SE
. . (d) Drive Copy 8 - copy the WXP partition into that space
. . (e) Drive Image 2002 - put another W98SE after the other three partitons.

(4) Confirm that the PC can be booted into any of the four partitions (by making them active, one by one)

(I've left out the numerous steps I took before perceiving the connection with 8-GB.)