View Full Version : Please, help me choosing between Mac and PC

05-28-2008, 04:10 AM
Hi every one,
I'm a new member, just registered, who just received his Composer Bundle Pro (:) ) and I should like to have some help concerning my next daw.

Presently I work with a PC, amd Dual Core 4800+, 3 gig ram and many 15k scsi hdrives.
Cubase 4, Mach Five 2 and Broadway Big Band are my favorite tools.

I have to choose between a 8 Core 2.8 Mac Pro or a Quad Core PC I'll build.

Now I can't use Play with the Bundle, but I was told it will be possible around 15 July. Is it true, and will I be able to launch many instances of Play in a PC running 32 bits Cubase, in order to use a lot of ram, as it will be possible in a Mac Pro?

This is important to help me choose between Mac or Pc as Cubase 64 seems not stable.

The other thing is I don't want to spend too much time tweaking a daw, rather play music.

Any advice will be much appreciated ;)

Many thanks for having read my inaccurate English :o and for your answers too!