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06-05-2008, 06:20 PM

i have a delta 1010 audio interface installed in my mac (G5) and an audiophile 192 in my pc - i have the midi in's and out's connected and the midi data is going through..... however i can only hear the left side when i go to play something---- i have to go to my delta 1010 control panel and switch over to 'monitor mixer' to get sound from both machines at once when i play something - ( i use EWQLSO platinum) - if i do not have monitor mixer selected in the control panel of the mac and i have the normal software out selected i get the sound from the loaded patch in cubase on the mac just fine......so i get both but when i set it for both to be heard in cubase the patch loaded on the pc only gives me a mono signal?? why????? i need to be able to hear the patches coming from the pc exactly the same as when they are loaded into cubase on the mac? why is this happening? i am trying to do this with out having to pay for MOL.... i have plenty of midi cords and what not and have 2 audiophiles (an extra one if need be) why is this happening? i do not understand why i only get mono, but when i switch around then i dont get anything from the mac? help!!!


just for reference:

i have the delta 1010 card installed into the mac, i have the outs of the back of the audio interface (1010) going to the monitors......the front face of the 1010 has midi in, and midi out... i then have those conntected to the in and out of the audiophile 192 installed on the PC. i then have a cord going from the monitor out on the 192 card (pc) going to the in on the back of the audio interface in the same channel as the out -channel 1- and then monitor out from the audiophile to the in of channel 3 into the audio interface. (1 and three are my left and right due to a 5.1 set up - however i can disconnect all 5.1 as it is not needed for now) ......but then when i connect it in cubase via the main track page i.e. in usb keystation, out is delta 1010... i have to go to the control panel of the delta card on the mac and choose the option 'monitor mixer' to get any sound from the pcand mac at the same time (midi) and the pc is only mono in one channel..... and when i look at the delta control panel on the pc when i am pressing the keyboard it is displaying stereo signal in both the control panel and the actual stand alone vst (ewqlso) i have loaded on the pc....but in the speakers i get mono, one channel from the pc.

06-05-2008, 07:54 PM
solved no need to reply. ty