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06-09-2008, 09:44 AM
Iíve bought Gypsy some months ago, but I wasnít realy able to use until today. I have some problems with the tuning and with slurs in the violin that appears if I open Gypsy in Cubase SX2.
I think itís the easiest way to demonstrate you my troubles with some sound files...

This is a file where you can hear how it sounds if I load ďViolin Elements Ė Sus VbĒ and play the melody in the stand allone format:
Violin hand played (http://www.attractpower.ch/Musik/Violin%20hand%20played.mp3) (I think this sounds how it should be... more or less. I played the keys in the play engine with my mouse.)

And now I imported the same melody as a midi file in Cubase SX2. Iíve loaded the same instrument and the same articulations as above, but the result is quite different and unusable:
Violin in Cubase (http://www.attractpower.ch/Musik/Violin%20in%20Cubase.mp3) (:eek:If I get some day the job to write music to a ghost story, then Iíll take this one... or if I need a laugh by the audience)

With the guitars I have another problem: the tuning.
Here I took a harp... everything sounds ok, the tuning is correct:
Harp (http://www.attractpower.ch/Musik/Harp.mp3) (Beautiful, isnít it?:D)

And here I saved the same thing, but using the classical guitar elements from gypsy. (Iíve loaded ďsus nv RRĒ, but if I take another articulation the tuning doesnít become better.):
Guitar (http://www.attractpower.ch/Musik/Guitar.mp3) (If this were a live player, I would fire him or send him home so he can practise a little bit:(. The intervals are to small)

Whatís wrong with my Gypsy-Program? Or is it Cubase (I donít think that, because with Fab Four and Voices of Passion I donít have any problems and these libraries are running in the same play product!)

I hope there is somebody that can help me! Thanks a lot... Raphael

Jay Coffman
06-09-2008, 10:31 AM
Hey Raphael,

The RR (round robin) patches alternate between different samples of the same note, but a slightly different timbre to add realism to performance. If you want more consistency, try using a non-RR patch.

Also, have you grabbed the latest instrument / sample updates? http://www.soundsonline.com/updates.php

Andrew Sigler
06-09-2008, 03:06 PM
Try keeping the velocity on the guitar lower. For some reason, when higher velocities are used it sounds out of tune...