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Bill M
07-05-2008, 10:47 PM
--Hello all, wondering if anyone can help me.
--First, I've been reading for a while and haven't come up with an instance mirroring my situation (for reasons that will be obvious).

--I am currently using Silver Pro through Kontakt 2.2.3 into Cubase SX 2.2 on a Dell Pentium 4/2.40Ghz/2.50Gb RAM running Windows XP with 32.1 Gb free out of 74.4 Gb memory.

I'm looking to get a laptop so that I can do the 'compose-on-the-go' thing.
I was originally going to duplicate my existing setup on the laptop and transfer the files done 'on the road' onto the desktop after the fact (as it is already established with monitors, keyboards etc.)
The files are going to be all midi, as all audio is done on a Tascam 2488 II Portastudio which can be synced and exported via USB to either machine.

After considering this, and that the laptop will be more powerful than the desktop, I decided that a software upgrade was necessary so I looked into going Gold Pro. Trouble with that is that the desktop doesn't have enough hard disk space for both the Silver and Gold (but the laptop will). I guess I could dump the Silver, but...
Then I considered the Composer's Complete Bundle (which of course only the laptop could handle, hypothetically).

--So considering all of this, I have a few questions which may sound naive. I am good at troubleshooting once the hardware is in my hands, but sometimes the theory eludes me beforehand - so clarity is needed (as I'm sure it will be afterward:rolleyes:).

--If I am able to dupe my setup, can I use the more powerful laptop as a slave and run the Gold Pro or Composer's Complete from the Cubase SX on my desktop or does the more powerful need to be the Master?
--If I can use the desktop as Master:
--Could I just slap in an ethernet cable and transfer the programs (Cubase/Kontakt/SilverPro etc.) over to the new machine intact without installing via CD, then downloading the subsequent versions/upgrades?
Speaking to the ethernet question, would I need more than an ethernet cable to communicate between the two while composing if the content was all MIDI?
--Do I need the new machine to run Windows XP as well or can it run (gulp!) Vista? Does Dell even offer XP on new models?

--Those are my current concerns, but also if such a setup was feasible what would the enslavement basically entail?
I am sure there are more questions but I wanted to get the ball rolling here quickly. Any answers and advise would be greatly appreciated as would insight to any unforseen issues (licensing, etc.) arising from such a plan...

Thanks, Best Regards,

07-06-2008, 12:13 AM
I have run silver and Gold XP off a desktop with an external HD so this could be an answer to your desktop problem. My old Pentium was about the same as yours in terms of features. The issue with running large midi files exclusively with Gold is that your Pentium probably wont cope with the demands. Generally these programmes are not that good on a laptop because the hdd does not run as fast even though they may hold all the data.

If you upgrade which I have just done ,you have to do a proper reinstall of your sequencer and and soft synths because they recognise that they are on a new machine and will not run with their existing installation code. The new EWQLSO /NI activation procedures are however a bit easier now and did not balk at the fact that I had already register all my soft synths when I did it again.

If you go the upgrade path the general view is to go XP pro 64. However you could just get another larger hard drive put in your Pentium. It is usually suggested to run soft synths off a separate hard drive anyway so if you upgrade, consider a few hard drives.