View Full Version : Buying new machines - compatibility issues

07-07-2008, 07:05 AM
I'm going to buy a new desktop and a new laptop to replace the ones I already have.
The desktop is going to be custom made so I think I will not have compatibility issues, the laptop I was thinking about to ask the vendor to uninstall Vista and install XP. However, it seems that recent laptops don't have the drivers to run properly XP and will loose some capabilities with XP (multimedia buttons, wireless, will not work with XP).

I currently own a few EWQL libraries: SO Silver and Silver XP, Gold and Gold XP, SC...
These libraries work with Vista (with kompakt player) or do I need to upgrade to Play version?

Do you know if Kontakt (v. 1.5 or 2) will run in Vista?

The last question is related to FX Teleport. Will this software allow me work with my 2 desktops with XP installed and my laptop with Vista installed?

Thanks in advance.