View Full Version : PCx2+McBoock configuration

Jordi Font
08-05-2008, 03:03 PM

I've been doing all my stuff with
-PC 1: Core 2 duo E6600 2.4Ghz/4hard drives/2 Gb RAM (MOBO suports 8 Gb)

recently I've owned a
-Macboock: Core 2 duo 2.4 Gh/1 HD 120 Gb/ 2 Gb RAM (supports 4 Gb)

lastly, now I'm near to get an not-too-old (from my brother):
-PC 2 Core2 duo/ 1 HD 250 Gb/ 1 Gb RAM (supports 2 Gb)

I'm working with: Sonar 6, NI's soft, EWQLSO Platinum (and Play to come), and much more (but less important). Mostly working in shortfilms soundtracks.

I've been using M-audio's Audiophile 192 PCI, and I have a near-to-obsolete Rig Kontrol (USB NI's sound interface+foot controler from Guitar Rig2)

Although I'm a Sonar user, I don't mine to change to the Mac world with DP or Logic
Sooner or later I have in mind to get a real sound interface (as RME's Raydat or MOTU's 2408, or apogee's...), so, that an option.

My question is:

what do you suggest me to do whith all this computing power??

I gess one option is to convert my PC1 to 64bit as sampler (with the play to come) with 8gb of RAM with FXT or with a new soundcard. My PC2 as the master with sonar 2 gigs of RAM an another HDD with M-audio's sound interface, and the Mac laptop as a sinth with NI's stuff and soundcard.

other option:
Pc1 the same as option 1, pc2 as synth, and the laptop as the main one changing to DP or Logic.

other option...
I know there can be many options but wich one would you use??

Thanx in advance,