View Full Version : More Sibelius Help: Cresecendos/Diminuendos

Thomas Kresge
08-15-2008, 11:52 PM
Having recently purchased EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP, I'm in the process of integrating it with Sibelius. Before I invest the time to create a sound set, I've found other very acceptable ways of making the two work together. However, the biggest, and perhaps only real problem, is that crescendos and diminuendos (hairpins) won't play back. Sort of. They won't play back over sustained notes. If I have a bunch of different notes, it's just fine.

In general, crescendos aren't a real problem because they're are sounds for them in SO. Diminuendos, however, become a problem since there aren't any decrescendoing sounds in SO. So I'm just wondering, for anyone out there who uses EWQLSO with Sibelius (Peter!), is there something I can mess with in hopes of getting these continuous volume changes to work before having to create a sound set? I've tried Sibelius's plug-in that adds in midi messages for volume, but no avail. Any possible solution.

Thanks in advance for any help or at least insight on the topic!