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04-25-2005, 03:47 AM
Bonjour !

I am Julien, French but currently living in Australia. It's been 3 months since I started composing music, but I have been the happy and proud owner of EWQLSO Silver for just a couple of weeks. Since then, after having played around with it for a few days, I spent 4 whole days composing this music, and I had a blast, these samples are great. Haven't slept much but quite happy with the result.

Inspiration: Alan Silvestri and other hundreds of soundtracks I am listening to everyday. A part of the introduction has been inspired from a small bit of "Snow by Night", by NeilFactory who's also posting in this forum and whose work I really appreciate.

100% made with Silver Edition, composed with Fruity Loops. I tried to use most of the instruments, and different variations in order to explore the range of possibilities (still a lot to be discovered). I admit the Silver Edition is quite amazing. Looking forward to getting the Gold one some day :)

I hope you enjoy it. Every comment and criticism to help me improve is welcome!

Download: Révélation (http://jphalip.free.fr/musique/Revelation.mp3) - I posted this one on the contest, who knows, maybe I could win an EastWest T-shirt or something :D

If you also wish to hear some pieces of music that I recently made:

- Découverte (http://jphalip.free.fr/musique/Decouverte.mp3) (Discovery)
- Une Douce Ile (http://jphalip.free.fr/musique/Une%20Douce%20Ile.mp3) (A Sweet Island)
- La Boite à Musique (http://jphalip.free.fr/musique/La%20Boite%20A%20Musique.mp3) (The Music Box)

They were made using soundfonts which are obviously not as good as EWQL samples, but the idea is there. Mixing and mastering are to be improved, but I am learning.

In the middle of "Une Douce Ile", I added a percussions sample taken from a music of Daniel Waro, and artist from Reunion Island. This is a French Island in the Indian Ocean where I was born and raised. Hence the title. These percussions are used to play Maloya, the traditional music from Reunion Island, inherited from the slaves that were there 200 years ago, that's why it sounds quite like african percs. Kayamb, my nickname in this forum, is also one of these percussions you can hear.

In "Decouverte" I recorded my own guitar. "La Boite à Musique" was my first composition in which I used a 3xosc synth, and a few samples.

I'll be happy to get your comments about those pieces too!

Amitiés musicales,

Julien - alias Kayamb

04-27-2005, 09:17 AM
These are good pieces. Some comments:

I really liked the part after the piano comes in in Révélation.

I liked Découverte. One note though, when the piano and oboe come in, they both sound too even and too quantized. You might want to try playing these parts in by hand to make them sound more natural and human-like. It sounds like the piano is playing all FF, this could be due to the soundfont, I realize. This piece would sound really good if it was redone with EWQLSO Silver as you could get more expression. But you've actually been able to do quite a lot with just these soundfonts.

Thanks for sharing with us! Keep up the good work.

04-27-2005, 09:52 AM
I really liked the part after the piano comes in in Révélation.

YES, me too!The theme is really really GOOD!

Great job Julien!I like your univers.

04-27-2005, 03:38 PM
Hi Guys!

I was quite desperate not having any comment before then (80 views and still no comment), so yours make me very happy!

Brady, I appreciate your detailed comment. Concerning the piano in Découverte, I agree it's not very humanized. I tried though. the velocity is different for evey note, but I admit I could have done better, but I was too lazy ;) In Révélation I put a lot of effort on humanization. Every note of the piano is different from each other, and I moved slightly some of them so they don't exactly hit the beat. That's a lot of effort, but it's true that the result is more human-like.

One day, when my inspiration will break down I'll probably remix my previous pieces coz they'd definitely sound better with EWQLSO. It's on the to-do list :)

Neil, thx for your comment! I'm glad you like it, as I also love your job! I'd be curious to know if you recognize the small bit in the introduction that was inspired from another small bit in your piece "Snow by night". I started trying to copy it, for fun, but then I changed it slightly and added lots of stuff to make it different, and it's been the start of it all.

Well, all this gives more motivation to carry on!

Cheers guys!

If others have something to say about my music, I would really appreciate! Even if it's to say that there's stuff to improve. I know that, that's why I am posting here :) I need to learn from your experience.

05-02-2005, 02:58 AM
Hi there!

Here's another small piece that I have just finished.

This is called "Fou Rire" which in French means titter, you know when you laugh and you just can't stop laughing :)
I called it so because it's quite joyful and it was great fun to compose it.

100% made with EWQLSO Silver Edition, composed with Fruity Loops.

Download: Fou Rire (http://jphalip.free.fr/musique/Fou%20Rire.mp3)

I hope you enjoy it. I'd be very grateful if you give me some comments about it, and about my other pieces as well (you'll find the links in this same thread). Whether or not you liked it. I need your comments to know what to improve ;)

Cheers all.