View Full Version : Do unloaded instruments still use up RAM

03-31-2009, 04:12 PM
I am using PLAY as standalone, i have recently upgraded my system to about 12 Gigs of RAM. Play is being hosted on my DAW and its audio is routed logic using Soundflower.

I've created 6 EWQLSO templates. All of the instruments in all the templates have been deactived and unloaded (both boxes have been unchecked per instrument) so even though the template is loaded, no instruments are supposedly loaded into RAM, when i need to use an instrument i just activate the instrument (check both boxes), it loads, and now that instrument is available in my logic template.

This way i thought i could avoid using up RAM for instruments that i am not using in the current project, but i would still have them on hand in my PLAY instrument if i need to activate them.

Here is my question. My PLAY Standalone reports from the instrument that there is no ram being used (See picture), but the system profiler is reporting otherwise. The system profiler is reporting that each play instance in using 1-2 gigs of ram per instance (See Picture) as if all the instruments are loaded even though i have all the instruments in the standalone deactivated and unloaded. Does PLAY release the ram when the instruments are deactivated and if so how come the profiler is not reflecting that.