View Full Version : New Play Standard feature

04-05-2009, 10:27 AM
Hello EW and all fellow forumers,

I just wanted to mention that there was a very great feature in the NI Kompakt engine. It was possible to assign a number of parameters to the Mod wheel. I used it a lot for morphing from one instrument to another by assigning the volume of each of them in a reverse way.
It was also possible to control kind of the dynamics with the volume in the case of instruments that did not have a factory patch with this purpose...

I know that Play Pro will have this option. I was nevertheless wondering that it would be something basic to have in the standard Play engine too...

Please, EW consider it as a new feature in a future update! :)
I am also interested in whether others also miss it or if it's just me...

Thank you for your attention,