View Full Version : Orion/Word Builder /Symphonic Choirs working

04-11-2009, 12:48 AM
I don't know how many people use Orion here, or have had trouble using Orion with Word Builder and Symphonic Choirs. Ignore this if you have no trouble. Here's what I learned.

Word Builder and Symphonic Choirs must operate standalone in this setup, the both of them. I got scratchy noise from the choirs until I got 'ASIOFORALL' and set my settings to that.

Anyhow this involves Midi Yoke and the 'Midi Out' function at the bottom of the insert menu in Orion. It all seems so easy now. But I had a lot of trouble. I couldn't have done it without a forum post like this one:


I'll just explain the basics.

Orion >> 'Midi Out' (located at the bottom of insert menu) >> Out to Midi Yoke 1
Wordbuilder, with words typed in >> In from Midi Yoke 1 + Out to Midi Yoke 2
Symphonic Choirs PLAY >> In from Midi Yoke 2

Also, notes must be laid down in orion sequencer for the word builder to sing. And of course, a matching SC multi ie soprano with word builder soprano.

After it's all set up, press play in orion...