View Full Version : To Mr. Nick Phoenix: question about PLAY ASE.mov

04-17-2009, 08:34 AM
Hi Nick.

A question about PLAY ASE.mov, downloaded from:


In the beginning, your demonstration shows some details like: engine memory, Play buffer, max voices, samples loaded and ENGINE LEVEL 5.


After 'Close' button clicked, the GUI shows (bottom/right) 117 Mb RAM, until 00:01:46.

Loaded: 70 Piece Strg Marc RR + the 3 mics (Close, Stage, Surround)


So... in the next second, immediately before your Performance @ 00:01:47, the GUI shows a new RAM value: 24 Mb.


Still loaded: 70 Piece Strg Marc RR + the 3 mics (Close, Stage, Surround)

I use the .mov to compare some configs with my PLAY-Platinum 32 bit (XP, 4Gb Ram) and the 64bit version too (Vista x64, 8Gb ram).

But... I'm confused now.

Could you help me, or explain that 'decrease' on RAM value (117 > 24)?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes.


04-17-2009, 07:23 PM
He might have been running one instance as a VST plugin and one as a standalone instance of PLAY. It uses different amounts of resources (especially RAM) in its two different applications.