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07-01-2009, 02:04 PM
I'm kinda new to the play engine so forgive me if im asking a noob Question. Forgive how my "terminology" might come across as well....I was just sort of wondering if when I have both EWQL SD and RA installed, and running at the same time separately? I've noticed that in the settings, it offers a "default" interface [if you will]. IE: I can use the RA "faceplate" or the SD "faceplate"... I haven't taken too much time to see if I can open the SD files on the RA "faceplate"

I would prefer to have one instance of SD and RA open "Per instrument" just cus that would be more easy for me... thats just sort of how im used to doing things... Is that an option or am I just sort of stuck using the RA or SD play "interface" with multiple instruments being loaded in that interface, up to a point where my computer cant handle it anymore...

Like for example, with NI Silver... it would allow up to something like 10 instruments, then I had to open a new instance of NI, if I wanted more. Does play work sort of the same way but like with "unlimited" instruments? I just want to keep track of what instance of RA and SD has what instruments loaded. Thatís the big thing, and I want to be sure I could use both at the same time.

And I guess wile im at it... [forgive me for so many questions] What "play" interface do you guys prefer? IE: the EWQL orchestra interface as opposed to the RA or SD interface?* **IF you can "swap" interfaces that the play engine uses of course!**

I should also mention that I'm using Sonar 5... and I know that the system requirements want something like sonar 7... but I donít have $249 to spend right now. And RA/SD do work with Sonar 5. Im just sort of also wondering if I upgrade to a higher version of Sonar, would I not have these "face plate" problems? IE: as of now It seems as if I can only use RA -OR- SD "faceplate" to run the play engine... and ONLY one instance of each.

I know this is basic stuff, but I was SOOO excited to get this stuff, it was a SEVERE buz kill to find it so hard to really fiddle around. Im NOT knocking the software, so donít flame... im just saying I was stoked to get it, then kinda discouraged cus I couldnít figure it out as quickly as I did the NI interface. Thatís all.

If you think that an upgrade to Sonar 8 would help [like a gift from god type of help!] with some of what I've mentioned, feel free to mention it. I know I "SHOULD" and "NEED TO" upgrade... and yadda yadda... but at this time I cant. Also, if you could mention "real world" test results that would ROCK! Im looking for a little more then just "I saw great improvement" or "My system ran better"...

My system is a Dual, Dual core Opteron system. I have XP pro 32 and 64 bit so feel free if youíve seen performance gains with the 64 bit windows Xp... and Ill re-install that once I get things sorted out. Im running XP pro 32 bit right now. I have 2 or 3 gigs of ram. things run and work. I know it would be better if I boosted ram. Firepod Sound card... C:drive 10K raptor ... USB2 7200 drive has libraries stored on it.

Any thoughts, ideas, ect welcomed... Links to vids or other good info welcomed as well!
Flames, trolls, and annoyances.... not welcomed. lol.
Thanx guys! I appreciate the help in advance!

These products ROCK! I just want to understand them better.

Omid Zoufonoun
07-01-2009, 02:37 PM
You can open as many instances as you like of either library...as long as your computer can handle it.

Each instance can have up to 16 instruments loaded. Yes, you can mix and match instruments from different libraries within the same instance. When you select the instruments from the drop down menu on the top right of the player, then the skin of the GUI will change to match that library.

No flames needed, but I will say that many of your questions would have been more quickly answered by simply opening the plug and experimenting trying all of your scenarios...or by reading the manual.

In any case, hope this helps.

07-02-2009, 07:21 AM
As Omid says, when you load an instance of Play into SONAR it doesn't say PLAY RA or PLAY SD, you insert an instance of Play_VSTi (or something like that). Once inserted, it will take on the skin of your default library, then if you go to Browser you will see both your libraries listed in the "Favorites" window. Choose an instrument and choose "add." You can add instruments from either library. When you go back to the player skin and choose an instrument from the instruments window (upper right?) the skin will change to the library the instrument is from.

Yes, you should upgrade to SONAR 8 when you can. It handles these libraries with much better performance than 5. If you look at my specs, I run SONAR 8 and both Play and Kompakt Eastwest libraries without any problems.

Good luck.