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07-05-2009, 04:17 PM
Hello Pros,
I come to wonder if you can help me figuring the Exporting/Bouncing quality prob,
Can you let me know how do you do it to acheave the high quality sound yet MP3 format,

I noticed when bouncing to Surround it gets pretty good, but is it possible to convert it to MP3 not losing too much quality?
Or does it work some other way?

Thank you.


07-06-2009, 07:20 AM
The use in MP3 of a lossy compression algorithm is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio for most listeners. An MP3 file that is created using the mid-range bit rate setting of 128 kbit/s will result in a file that is typically about 1/10th the size of the CD file created from the original audio source. An MP3 file can also be constructed at higher or lower bit rates, with higher or lower resulting quality. Therefore, use a higher bit rate setting if you want to increase quality. A higher bit rate also = a larger file size.

07-06-2009, 12:36 PM
You can try exporting to WAV and converting to OGG Vorbis instead of MP3. OGG is an open format, and in many cases outperforms MP3 for a given file size. http://www.vorbis.com/

Of course, if MP3 format is a must, then just set a higher bitrate as Playz123 has said (320KBps sould be fine), or use VBR (variable bit rate), which uses more amount of data for those fragments of audio which are more sonically complex (I'm not sure this is said correctly)

07-06-2009, 05:09 PM
Yes, MP3 is a must, i'll try higher bitrate then,

wes bender
07-06-2009, 05:31 PM
Yes, MP3 is a must, i'll try higher bitrate then,

Encoding at a maximum variable bitrate sounds tends to sound noticeably better than even 320 kbps, depending on the source of course. And I don't know what program you're using to export, but make sure it's using a quality encoder, like LAME (most are these days).