View Full Version : PLAY (SO,Pianos,SD2) + Sibelius/Finale + ___?___

07-06-2009, 06:09 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've got my QL software up and running, and it sounds great. I know there's a variety of scattered threads and posts on this topic, even one I saw relating to workflow (Allan Leung had a reply to that one describing a workflow pretty consistent to what I'm thinking - comments on Sibelius and Logic with PLAY, Allan?), but I wanted to put it together here in relation to software.

My plan is to compose and to an extent, arrange, mostly in my head (how I've always worked). Then, notate it in Sibelius or Finale, and then send it over to a DAW to replay/record/mix with PLAY instruments.

My questions are:
What are your thoughts on PLAY and FInale, vs. PLAY and Sibelius (do they get along well)?
What are your thoughts and experiences (good and bad) on PLAY with the various DAWs available, such as ProTools, Digital Performer, Logic Studio, and Cubase (and how do they get along with PLAY)? As a Mac user, I've of course got GarageBand, but I'm getting the sense I'll hit the wall pretty fast with some of the more complex music I write with a lot of time changes and such (please do correct me if I'm wrong!)

I plan on downloading some demos to try them all out, but I wanted to see what you all thought, and who can recommend some proven combinations of these tools.

I've read various things about VST issues, Logic threading issues , and I'm sure they all have some issues until you really get to know the software. As a daytime web developer and computer savvy person, I'm confident I can cover the learning curve, but I don't want to buy something that has a number of serious or unresolved compatibility issues.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

- Rob