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07-13-2009, 08:07 PM
I thought some folks here might find this useful.

Berklee Music Blog Network: http://www.berkleemusicblogs.com/

Check out all the categories in the left & right side bars:

Music Business
Music Publishing & Songwriting by Eric Beall
Future Of Music by Dave Kusek
Music Business and Trend-Mongering by Michael King
Music Production
Producing with Pro Tools by David Franz
Composing with Live by Loudon Stearns
Music for Games, Films, and other Visuals by Jeanine Cowen
Orchestral Music Production by Benjamin Newhouse
+ More Music Production Blogs
Sound from a Virtual Planet by Michael Bierylo
Music Production by Erik Hawkins
Writing about Music by Jonathan Feist
Career Songwriter by Andrea Stolpe
The Quest for Good Guitar Tone by Thaddeus Hogarth
Music Education
Music Smarts by Mr. Bonzai
Music, Education, and Technology by Debbie Cavalier
Making the Most of Notation Software by Tom Rudolph
The Writer's Corner by Jerry Gates

Have fun!