View Full Version : Need Counsel on Hard Drive Decision

Steve Millikan
04-28-2005, 05:05 PM
I own Gold, but just bought Platinum. Eventually, I'll get either Platinum upgrade, or maybe Gold upgrade to go with Platinum. I also just bought Ivory sampled piano. I'm relatively new to the soft orch soft synth world. I imagine I'll continue to add others.

Typically I won't use more than 10 or 12 different instruments out of EWQLSO, as most of my projects are rhythm based. However, I would like to be able to have, say, 15-20 sounds at my fingertips ( loaded up) when I'm working, of which perhaps 3 or 4 would be keyswitch programs.
So here's the question: If I install one WD Raptor internally, and use an external drive for Ivory and other stuff I eventually get, will the system keep up? Or might I be better off to get one of the bracket kits so I can put a couple of the Raptors under the hood? Cost is not the major consideration here, though it does figure in.

Thanks for kibbitzing..I'm not very technically oriented - brain doesn't like to go there.

G5 dual 1.8 3 gigs Ram
PT 6.9