View Full Version : Emotive samples on EWQLSO

04-04-2005, 09:07 PM
I'm not trying to start another gush-fest regarding Gold, but I have noticed that whenever I play let's say, sordino violins on Gold, I find a lot of feeling in the expression of the samples themselves. I'm not playing favorites here (well actually I am) but I think that's a big difference between my Gold and sample libraries from other developers (I won't mention them by name to avoid flame wars). Perhaps that's the defining difference when it comes to EWQLSO. I knew there was someting qualitatively different that sets EWQLSO apart from the rest. When I'm simply imprivising ideas using those violins or concert flute or whatever, the expressiveness of the samples themselves suggests a different playing style. Other sample libs I have are antiseptic by comparison. Just the sound and that's it. There isn't the same performance built in. I find this a very compelling attribute concerning EWQLSO.

Do any others find this about these samples?