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Dark Realms
04-30-2005, 07:28 AM
Hi everyone - this is the FIRST time I've ever put my music on the internet, so I'm absolutely paranoid! It has been entered into this forum's Best Demo Contest. It was done on a Pentium 3 laptop with 1Gb RAM using Cubase 5, Gold Symphonic Orchestra only (used with Kontakt), with a reverb added by Cubase and normalised via Creative Wavestudio. As far as I know, processing was allowed. That's it. Hope you like it, even better, hope you love it... Feedback most welcome (HERE). Here's the link for downloading:


(Only use this if you have a downloading program like flashget, get right etc. Otherwise go to the mini site below and you'll see the track!).

My mini site:


What's it all about? This is a theme for a treasure quest in the searing heat of the desert, where four college kids use a map to discover a great and powerful artifact.


(Gleaming Splinter).

04-30-2005, 09:12 AM
Nice theme and horn line. I think you need to get a string patch that doesn't have that built-in crescendo though. Something that flows better with the line you have written.

The opening sounds more John Barryish than Goldsmith. the chords move around the melody in a very chordal way rather than move in counterpoint. You begin doing this later on in the piece with the horn counterline which is great. Good horn sound too!

Really like you harmonic sense. Not the standard progressions in places. I think it still needs a little finessing but Mahzar, you've got talent. Keep developing this piece. It's really good.