View Full Version : QL Pianos and RAM

02-08-2010, 11:23 AM
I just started to use the Gold Edition of QL Pianos with my MiniMac/LogicExpress setup and found early on that it was impossible to use full patches with my 1G Ram limitation. So I went with Lite Patch Sustained for much impoved performance. Still an occassional musical hiccup got me to try some other solutions. I finally hit upon a combination that will allow the smoothest piano performance.

1. Disengage ambiance within PLAY to reduce CPU demands.

2. Limit Reverb settings within Logic effects to further reduce CPU demands.

3. I also went in and hand-edited my pedaling so as to eliminate unneccessary automation nodes. This seems to have had an instantaneous benefit - again less computer demands I would guess.

Freezing tracks within Logic does not seem to effect performance of QL Pianos as one might think.

Any other ideas you may have along these lines would be much appreciated. I am seriously considering intalling more RAM into my MiniMac.