View Full Version : Looking for a particular guitar sound...

05-08-2005, 06:09 AM
After previewing the demos for both 'Colossus' and 'QL Guitar & Bass', I still find myself longing for a U2-ish, Edge-like sound in a demo - not the metal-ish style, not the bluesy stuff or the jazzy stuff - just those big, gorgeous, bell-like sounds that Edge produces, (often with delay), to fill in the gaps between vocal passages, or as a solo, etc. It's influenced so many bands, and it sure infuenced my own taste as a listener, growing up (I've only recently become a quasi-musician). I do like the 'QL Guitar & Bass' demo, but it's more in the style of a Neal Schon of Journey, whose playing I love, but whose genre I'm not really interested in going into for my own stuff.

So, do you think any of the guitars on Colossus can give me those big bell-like sounds (think "With Or Without You" or "Bad"...)? Thanks.

- Slider