View Full Version : Do you guys take forum suggestions?

05-17-2005, 10:13 AM
I think it would be a good idea to slightly modify the layout of the forum.

EW Virtual Instrumets - discuss any EW product related topics here
EW Product News - News updates for upcoming products, discounts, and group buys
EW Technical Support - as described
EW Demos - Demos featuring EW instruments


General Discussion - discuss anything here
Random Demo - For off topicness demos :)


Monthly Contest - Current month + archives and demos here


No offense, but I see a ton of sticky topics and it seems to be jumbled, plus with the forum seperations, it would make less clutter and less searching for users of your board which would be beneficial to everyone, including the admins. This way, people can go exactly to where they want to go without cluttering the other catagories. Admins could also update easily, with 1 - 2 sticky topics per forum without creating a barrage of stickys at the top, which makes viewing new topics easier. Also, since oh say, someone saw a New topic in the news section, they'd know right away instead of having to search through the forums and possibly over looking the sticky topics :)