View Full Version : Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Legato-type Patch Requests

08-08-2012, 11:52 AM
Thought I'd throw this thread in here for starters. Let's use it to suggest ideas for improved / different functionality in HOW legato patches. Maybe someone else can make other threads for longs, shorts, and effects. Just trying to keep it organized.

After we pile up a few suggestions here, I'll try to edit in or link to a poll to measure desirability so we don't get a flood of +1 posts, although I'm not entirely sure how head count is going to be managed or how interest is going to be measured otherwise. If the poll here doesn't work / can't be edited, oh well, let the flood commence.

So I suppose suggestions for how to run this show could go here, too.

08-08-2012, 11:57 AM
First up, for all applicable instruments, I think there should be a "legato slur NV / VB". Mod wheel controls cross-fading between vibrato depths, velocity controls slur speed.