View Full Version : Eastwest mic mixer user position .

08-14-2012, 06:45 AM
Hello ,
I didn't even do a search so this has probably been mentioned in the past . It would be great if there was one more mic position added to Play , a user defined mic . If Play had a mic customizer app inbuilt which would allow you to mix the existing 5 mic positions and then output the result as a single user position . This would allow a mix of all mic positions to be available , with only loading the memory requirements of 1 user position in effect . If it was instrument based you could setup the 5 mic positions for say 1st Violins and then Play 4.xxx would output the user defined mic for the instrument . Intern subtle changes could be achieved through the instruments in each section , given you would have different levels for different sections . Would be nice to have all the mics running in a user defined way and 1/5 the memory requirement , especially when loading a large orchestra into memory .