View Full Version : 2 Suggestions for HS Short Mod Combo patches

09-10-2012, 12:42 PM
I have a couple suggestions to add to HS's Mod Combo patches.

1. Add repetition patches triggered via sustain pedal CC 64.

From what I can tell, the repetition patches in HS are tempo sync'd 16th notes. It would be great to have those as part of the Short Mod Combo patches. The repetition patch could be triggered by pressing down on the sustain pedal and everything else in the patch could stay as is.

2. Add Staccato Slur articulations triggered possibly via CC 22.

This articulation has worked great for me when writing a fast passage that needs a 'blurred' sound. I thought CC 22 maybe a good controller since it controls monophonic behavior in the legato patches and this articulation used (at least by me) in a sort of legato style.

Adding one, or both, of these suggestions would help speed up workflow when using HS by taking what would need 3 midi tracks into just 1.