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06-02-2006, 02:34 PM
well well well..

not very good at this .. I will do my best..

Name : Fabio Bonvicini

Age :38

Main Occupation : Character Rigger.. ok I will tell
u later what it is..

Country : London (UK) but I am from Rome..italy

Favorite composer : Strauss( Richard) Puccini and Mozart.. just to names the ones that let me decide to write music for moving images... :)

in the last 15 years I split my time between CG animation and Music ( well music came first on time..) time pass quickly and from a rock jazz guitarist I started to be interested in classical music, been assistant director for several Operas (Marriage of Figaro, Serva Padrona, Othello) all with Gustav Khun in Germany and Italy.
Then the Main job started to take more time.. but at least the computer music, programming etc.. are on the same platform.. for now.. ( ok.. I spend too much time on Linux these days..)

about the main occupation..
the Character Rigger is the guy that create the digital Characters rig, muscles , puppet controls etc for films..

In italy I did a commercial about ants playing with toilet papers ( yes ..is true ..)

then landed to Pinewood... with Gerry Anderson "The New Captain Scarlet".. (around.. 70 characters),

then "BLACK" the videogame with Electronic Arts ( the whole characters..)

"BBC Prehistoric Park" .. ( still not out . .. 9 creatures ..)
"Harry Potter 5" ( as above...long long way to go..cannot say what I am doing ... sorry..but maybe u red the book..)

Talking about the Music side, I played with a a little jazz band, then music for short commercials,
while in London did the Music for a couple of short films, one presented to the Portobello Film festival..

Currently finishing the music for Murnau's "Nosferatu" ( yes another one..) all with EWQL GOLD.. I will finish the mastering within the next month I hope .. if I am not going to collapse before..in a studio here in London..

unfortunally still dont have a proper website.. so sorry the only pic I can put is the one below :(

will try to put a couple of Nosferatu's video when I can.. .. need a long holiday I think :)

btw.. I am not trying to strangle the cockatoo.. he is just scared of water..

07-25-2007, 02:05 PM
A little Update,

finally I have a website


with some more videos

feel free to check it out ;)

Fabio :D

07-25-2007, 03:09 PM
Hey Fabio, welcome here you have a good choice of composers (well except Mozart) but I love Puccini, I even visited his house in Luca last year, love that name man Bonvicini now thatīs Italian I love it. I come from London, worked one year in Torino doing music professionally which was fun and ended up in Germany (wife) and the rest is history. Chris :D