View Full Version : HOW & HB repetition patches control

03-03-2013, 12:21 PM
Hi people,

I suggested this some time ago, but it never happened, so I think I can suggest it again:

Two things for repetition patches (mainly in HOW & HB, also MoR2 and HS or any tempo-synced runs and articulations):

1. A control to set up the relation between the sample and the note length in the sequencer. Right now its fix, 16th in most cases. I have no chance to set for example the reps in HOW to 16th triplets or 8ths or whatever.

2. This applies only to repetition patches: Add a release trigger. If I hold down one key and release it after the 5th note, I would like to hear a release note and not a falling volume caused by the ADSR curve. With this feature and the suggestion above, those repetition patches would be so much more useful and versatile - we then could play shorts doubles and triplets, which will sound so much better, than played with the staccato/staccatissimo patches.

Hope this will be implement anytime. In the past years, I found myself raging at times, because it was not there. I remember the first time, I tried to use the recorded runs of HS when I had a tempo of 70 or so... I first thought my computer has frozen...

- Sascha