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06-16-2013, 09:21 PM
I don't know if this is a practical suggestion, but I wonder, is it a possibility that the Wordbuilder software of Symphonic Choirs can have a text editor that is screenreader accessible? This is especially important for someone like me who wants to use the software as a VST within Sonar 8.5. When I try it now, JAWS (Job Access With Speech) can't fully focus on the Wordbuilder, because all the other stuff in Sonar gets in the way. I'd also appreciate it if there's a Context Menu that JAWS can recognize with text-based icons, dialogue boxes, and buttons that are easy to find. The reason why I ask this is because it seems that everything in Play 3 is more graphic-based and image-based, which JAWS can't recognize or understand. For any of the administrators and developers, here is a list of controls that are recognized by JAWS. Note that these controls have to have text-based icons that go with them, since JAWS does not read and recognize icons with bitmap images. More information about JAWS is available at: http://www.freedomscientific.com/jaws-hq.asp
1. 3-State Button
2. Button
3. Button Menu
4. Checkbox
5. Combo Box
6. Dialogue
7. Edit
8. Edit Combo
9. Extended Select List Box
10. Graphic
11. Group Box
12. Header Bar
13. Hot Key
14. Left-Right Slider
15. List Box
16. List View
17. MS Active Accessibility
18. Multiline Edit
19. Multi Select List Box
20. Password Edit
21. Radio Button
22. Read Only Edit
23. SpinBox
24. Static
25. Status Bar
26. Tab Control
27. Toolbar
28. Tool Tip
29. Tree View
30. Up-Down Slider