View Full Version : Dynamic Layers visible in the PLAY interface

Kamil Orman Janowski
07-28-2013, 12:42 AM
I found very useful and timesaving idea in woodwinds library by other company.
It's a visible current dynamic layer.

Experienced composers know how exatly different dynamics sound.
For example difference between french horns p and mp staccato.
However even for them this solution might be useful.

For autodidact without music school education like me is easier when I use c1 knob and I see which one dynamic layer is currently used, the same velocity.

I read manuals from HS and HB but there is only example how dynamic layers was assigned in midi, no complex table from every articulation

Because of various number of recorded dynamic layers in difrent articulation, mapping them is very time-consuming but useful (sibelius, cubase's vst expresion etc)

summing, it would be nice to see in future updates new tool implemented in play interface which will show us dynamic layers or although improved manuals for hollywood instruments series by map of dynamic layers.
Or maybe similar solution to kontakt's layers maping