View Full Version : More crossfades

08-01-2013, 09:36 AM
Hi all!

I personally love soft lines of orchestra, so that in my way of composing I often use many crossfades.
I found the huge amount of crossfades in the Hollywood series fantastic, but I was wondering why not to ampliate crossfade to other patches for example: for example in Symphonic choir there are actually 2 main controls for dynamic: CC 1 for vibrato, and velocity for shout, why not implement the double crossfade as in Hollywood strings? (I often crossfade manually, with a very good result and no phasing problems, but it's an huge work to do!).
I also experimented that cross fades could work well also in short patches of Hollywood strings, giving a continous sense of playing(for example in a crescendo staccato strings), and in this way short patches are more flexible then velocity control.
Some experiment of crossfading can be done also in some percussion samples, I tried in some of SD 2 samples to crossfade more dynamic layer, and the result wasn't bad.