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06-24-2006, 06:10 AM
John Lord is my artist name, but it has nothing to do with Jon Lord, keyboard-player of Deep Purple! Why this name? We needed a very British-sounding name for one of my early singles. My first name is John anyway, but you can call me My Lord! ;) :)

I've just bought EastWest's Colossus and am currently trying out the sounds. I think what they say around the Net is true - they are soooh good.

Now, I use Cubase 5.1 because I prefer the interface to that of the SX/SL/SE series ... and so on. Personal choice. But I've never used KOMPAKT before, and I'd appreciate links to any good tutorials, getting started stuff, etc.

Pleased to be a member of these Forums! :D



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06-24-2006, 08:16 AM
My lord! I salute you!

How come a Lord like yourself has so little knowledge about Colossus, a product whose name would only suite your soulfullness and gracuisness (sp...)


Hi John! Happy to meet you and to be the first to greet you in yor own post!

About kompakt, there is little to do really... It's just a 'playback' sampler for EW products and so there's not a lot to do. I have a hunch though that if you tweak the enveloppe enough plyus some filters you could get some very interesting results.

Please note that I do not own Colossus. :)

06-24-2006, 08:52 AM
I salute you too, nikolas! ;) Soulful, yes. Gracious, well, one tries! LOL

How come a Lord like myself has so little knowledge about Colossus? Well, I've never really got into the work station-type applications over the years. They look so scary... So I've always used SoundFonts and, quite often, other kinds of VSTi's including Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist & Groove Agent, which of course have a completely different kind of interface.

But I've had comments in various Forums that my sounds could be more realistic, so when I read that Colossus had these great sounds, I flipped. Mind you, when you get comments like "Great song, but you could use a real drummer", Colossus is no help of course. (I'm working on that too).

But I love playing with sounds - for me each sound has a colour, and I adore colours. You should see my apartment - full of them! But believe me, scarlet carpets are warm.:D

Anyway, I want to really learn to use it well. I have lots of ideas in songwriting - purely pop & easy listening ... I don't pretend to go further - and I'm always trying to make my recordings as pro as possible. (Not there yet, but improving). And you need pro stuff to do that.

Voilà. I'll definitely tweak the envelope and filters and get my neighbours saying "It's not so bad these days what comes out of that musician's apartment ... apart from the red carpet!"


P.S. Had a look at your site - great! I don't usually like Flash sites, but it's extremely well done. :)

06-24-2006, 09:41 AM
Hello John LOTR :D
Welcome here ;)

06-24-2006, 02:03 PM
Hi John, welcome, you´ll have a lot of fun here I´m sure ! there are some really talented members! Incidently I recently got Colossus too, I don´t know how I manage without it ! I use it so often, its´s great. Chris :D