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09-13-2013, 10:26 AM
I bought komplete 9 ultimate a month back.

where is the ew ultimate collection?

There is nothing more satisfying than emailing ni about their voucher of 25 euro or something and asking what i can use it on and them telling me " nothing really" you already have it all. EW should do the same. I will pay to upgrade the ni versions every year now because of this peace of mind. Thanks! Just my suggestion as i am finding it a chore to decide what is best for me at the best price. It is time i do not have. Please look at an ultimate pack. I mean every other major sw has it. Cheers

09-13-2013, 10:54 AM
They have it....it's called the Complete Composers Collection (CCC). Unlike NI, you can customize what you want, so you don't end up with a bunch of useless VI's.

09-13-2013, 10:57 AM
yeah but nothing ew do is useless. It's all pretty cool and i am terrible at deciding.

09-13-2013, 12:56 PM
You can add the entirety of EW's collection sans SD3 to a combined CCC + CCC2 Pro, can't you?

09-14-2013, 08:30 AM
If so they should add a complete pack link for everything in my opinion. Just buy by it all. currently it is so murky. I have to check with the producer the price to get everytinig i need for the project but it is a maze. I used to work in marketing and this is really not a good system. you have to offer an ultimate pack with everything.

09-14-2013, 08:31 AM
in my oipinion. and offering lesser pack s for budgets is fine.

09-14-2013, 08:37 AM
Ha withough bringing the tone down too much. Walmard shudder.. did the research on thin sand if you offer more than 3 choices, sales drop. so if you offer complete 123 you can up sales. Ultimate with everything. Sure it is a niche marked for this stuff. but mostly you wil sell the ultimate pack to anyone who can afford it.
would like to see it here. cheers