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06-28-2006, 10:55 AM
Hello All! Just found this new forum. I'm game, so here's a little about me.

Name: Joseph Peter (JP) Garbarini III
Age: 24
Occupation: Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Favorite Classical Composer: Mozart
Favorite Movie Composers: John Williams & Danny Elfman
Favorite Instrument: Flute/FHorn
Website: http://www.musicbyjpg.com (it's not ready yet... will be in a few months)

My Story:
I have always been interested in music. My mother tells stories of me at age 2 watching the movie Amadeus over and over (and not for the drama :) ). I was in the band in High School (flute, french horn, and others). About this time I also started composing on the computer using MIDI software. I would record my music with this dinky 2meg GM soundfont file. Composition is by far one of my favorite things to do and is my full time hobby. I never wanted to compose as a day job however (I love my job as a teacher). So I composed in my spare time. I never took any formal training, I just liked to "bang away" on the keyboard and see what I could come up with.

I have always wanted to produce my compositions but was never satisfied with the quality of the soundfonts I was working with. By 2001 I was making some fairly decent recordings but nothing I felt like sharing with the public. If it didn't sound "right" I didn't want to share it. That changed the last year and a half when large libraries such as those by EWQL, VSL, Garritan, and other came out. Ever since then I have been saving to create a library of my own.

That happened early this year. I bought EWQL Silver and the shopping spree started. I had saved up a lot over the last year in anticipation of this time. Soon after I bought XP Gold and Kontakt 2 w/ it's VSL Orchestra. I couldn't resist the Colossus group buy and, lord help me, I sprung the cash for EWQL Symphonic Choirs (and I don't regret it one bit... though my pocket book is reminding me how thin it is now).

So now I'm learning how to use all these different libraries together. The EWQL Gold XP is simply awsome and the staple part of my library. Of course Choirs lets me create choral pieces and Colossus gives me the non-traditional instruments. I like the VSL orchestra for some of it's solo instruments. I plan on using ProjectSAM for the brass. DIVA and Garritan's Solo Stradivari are still on my wish list :)

I recently bought a domain name and hope to use it to share my music with the world. Seems a shame to have a hobby such as composition and not share it with anyone. I've also recently started studying basic composition and orchestration and it's been a great help. I have a piece I'm working on now that will hopefully be done in a few weeks.

Well there's my long post :) If you made it this far, thanks for reading. It has been a pleasure sharing things with everyone on this board, getting ideas, and reading your experiences.


06-28-2006, 11:25 AM
Hi Joseph and welcome to the forum! :D

06-28-2006, 01:38 PM
Hi JP. It will be nice to hear your compositions when you get them posted. It's kind of been the same life experiance you've had, that I've experianced, only you have to set the way back machine into the late 60's for me though :)