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11-06-2013, 04:25 AM
This is a very important function in WordBuilder: One click on "Reset Position" sets the cursor to the beginning of the text to be sung.
But what if you have 4 instances of a typical SATB Choir? Sure, we can send MIDI - Controller to reset Cursur on each instance. But it will go to the beginning ! No way to choose a certain position.

Here comes the problem: Working on a piece where you want to start in the middle or the end of something, you must let the whole piece play, until you can hear, what you just changed. Very tiring and time-consuming, unless there is a trick, how this can be managed, that I am not aware of. In fact there is some trick, just erase all the previous syllables before the point you wish to start ;) But thats not useful, and dangerous: you might accidentally save this work and all before that is gone. In addition you must reload the whole thing later on. And there is no way to continue the work and safe it this way.

What, if the Cursor is not only able to be resetted but also able to start from a certain syllable? A similar thing can be done manually already when working on one instance: Set a syllable as "Solo" and the moment it plays release the "Solo" and it will continue :) But thats not possible with 4 instances, there is not enough time to make 4 clicks on different windows within a fraction of a second.

11-06-2013, 09:53 AM
I've posted more than one request to solve this. The best current solution to my knowledge is to comment out the lines you don't want to hear, i.e. put a # in front of the line. I think the current WordBuilder deals with that correctly. You might want to check that adding or removing the # doesn't affect your edits to the words around it, though.

11-06-2013, 10:11 AM
...comment out the lines you don't want to hear...
ah yes, shame on me :o I didnt think about that. Very practical. Thank you !